December 11, 2023

Annlyel explores her favorite movie posters of the last decade. How many make your favorites list?

In the last part of this four-part series, I shared five posters that really stood out to me. There was one for The Batman, Raya and the Last DragonInterstellarGuardians of the Galaxy, and Captain Marvel. Now, let’s see the next five posters to make the list.

15. Mr. Knight Gets a Poster

The main reason why I started this series was that this poster made me think about how much I love posters. Mr. Knight, another fascinating persona of the Moon Knight character, is someone I wasn’t expecting to see in live-action anytime soon, and yet here we are. Waking up to this utterly fantastic poster which seems cool and menacing all at once is honestly a real treat from Marvel Studios. What a beautiful poster.

14. The Beginning of Doctor Strange

The Doctor Strange movies have always had some of the best posters and this one, of course, is no exception. The colors, the fact that you can still see Cumberbatch’s face through his fingers, and the iconic window of the Sanctum Sanctorum acting as a backdrop is just the perfect layout for this remarkable poster. Marvel Studios really did cast the PERFECT person to play Doctor Strange.

13. Marc Spector is the Moon Knight

Once again, simple yet brilliant. This poster’s supernatural vibe lets us know that this show will be entirely different than anything we’ve seen in the MCU before and that alone is worth getting excited about.

12. The Legacy of the Jedi

When this teaser poster first came out I remember staring at it for days for any clues it could provide about the film. It was a fascinatingly bold poster with so much thought put into it. Its obvious connection to the poster for A New Hope made one realize that Rey was truly the next hope for a new generation of Jedi. Her lightsaber, changing from blue to purple to red made me wonder if this poster was hinting toward her turn to the dark side. Luke Skywalker didn’t exactly look benevolent, Kylo Ren would be an important figure in Rey’s story, and the striking red color made me instantly think of the Sith. It was a lot to process but beyond all of the movie implications the poster was signaling, it’s also a beautiful poster as well.

11. The Avengers Have Assembled

Avengers: Infinity War was one heck of a movie and this poster made it very clear that we would get to see roughly every MCU superhero take a stand against one of the greatest movie villains of all time, Thanos. How the artists managed to fit every single character onto this poster without it ever feeling overstuffed is impressive enough as it is, and then the poster’s actually gorgeous too?!

When I first saw it my mind was blown and even now I still love to look at it.

So those are the next five posters to make my list. Now we’re about to get into my top 10 and I am very excited to share them with you.


What are your favorite posters of the last decade? Drop a comment in the section below. We’d love to hear from you. 


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