January 30, 2023
The Batman

“The Batman is so good on so many levels. For once, this really feels like a BATMAN movie”

Matt Reeves presents us with a new defender of Gotham. The Batman has arrived!

I never thought I would be saying that I’ve seen a superhero movie that felt like Halloween, Zodiac, and basically every great noir crime thriller featuring an intriguing femme fatale. And a likable-as-heck protagonist but welcome to The Batman.

The Batman


This movie is so good on so many levels. For once, this really feels like a BATMAN movie. Robert Pattinson is Batman for most of the movie and rarely seen as Bruce Wayne and yet I loved that. The Batman is a fascinating character in this movie with his grippingly dark gaze. And that strong jaw gives him the type of appeal that you can understand why Selina Kyle has an instant thing for him. He often seems like a haunted robot with his stilted movements and his low, brooding voice. As if too much emotion could break him. And that’s the point.

The Batman


This Bruce Wayne/Batman feels the most tragic in terms of the loss of his parents. He’s still that lonely little boy in the alley. But now he’s hiding all of that reservoir of feeling behind a mask and armor. But The Riddler is about to put him to the test.

This movie is dark with a capital D. From the very first seconds of the film, I was staring at the screen feeling very uneasy. Remember Halloween? Yeah, exactly. The movie never lets up its mission to be a mature superhero flick. But I can’t help feeling this film would’ve probably benefitted from an R-rating. The movie could only go so far before it had to stay within the reins of a PG-13 film; concluding in a way that felt a bit too easy considering the level of stress the film developed in the first two acts.


And it’s not just figuratively dark. Greig Fraser and Matt Reeves concocted a world that emphasizes the “goth” in Gotham. It seems like it’s always raining. There’s barely any sunlight and literally not a single cloudless blue sky, and most of the movie takes place at nighttime. It was fascinating seeing and feeling this atmospheric film in theaters. It was dark in tone. And was a very dark story, and yes, the main character in this movie wears black. I loved every moment of it!


The Batman is distributed by Warner Bros. and is playing in theatres now. 


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