February 6, 2023

Fanfare of Adolescence unveils a new teaser, key visual and release date.

The Spring season of anime is upon us and details about new series are being unveiled. Today, Fanfare of Adolescence has unveiled a new teaser confirming its release date. Indeed, it will start on April 2. The new teaser gives us a proper look at the series. The story will focus on a group of characters who train to be jockeys. You can also hear a preview of the opening and ending themes. The opening theme is ‘Move The Soul’ by JO1 while the ending theme is ‘Outsiders’ by Sawano Hiroyuki feat. JO1’s Junki Kono and Sho Yonashiro.

The ‘Outsiders’ single will come out on May 25. Obviously, there will be an album cover featuring a new art of Yu Arimura.

Furthermore, JO1 are not only working on the theme songs, Shosei Ohira and Syoya Kimata are joining the voice cast. In fact, they will voice members of the idol group from which Yu belonged to. Their character designs have been revealed.

And finally, we have a new key visual with the main cast.

Fanfare of Adolescence is produced by Lay-Duce and Aniplex.


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