December 8, 2023

“Sasaki and Miyano‘s latest episode is absolutely delightful. This continues to be a charming and fun series with endearing characters.”

It’s Sunday so we’re back with another review of Sasaki and Miyano.


This episode picks up where we left off last week. So, we see the hug scene once again without the voice over this time. And more importantly, we see what happens next. Miyano doesn’t reveal his feelings for Sasaki yet. Indeed, he doesn’t want to rush things but he surely knows he has feelings for him.

This week’s episode features a good number of sweet scenes between Sasaki and Miyano. Firstly, Miyano gives his answer to Sasaki about the costume contest. And surprisingly, Sasaki is happy about it because it’s actually him who inspired Miyano to have the courage to do it. Furthermore, that scene ends up with Miyano basically asking Sasaki out. With the season coming to a close in a few episode, we are all waiting for the moment when Miyano will tell his feelings to Sasaki. And that date is probably it. Secondly, Sasaki and Miyano end up alone at the infirmary. That whole sequence is absolutely charming and quite fun. Miyano simply takes care of Sasaki as if he was his own patient.


Hirano is forever Sasaki’s supportive friend. I just love their interactions and even more so when they talk about Miyano. Hirano overhears Miyano asking Sasaki out. So afterwards, the two friends talk about that. Their interactions are genuinely pure.

Miyano also spends some time with his friend Kuresawa. It’s a different type of interaction. But it’s a lot of fun because with Kuresawa, it often ends up in awkward scenes. I just couldn’t stop laughing when Kuresawa asks Miyano for BL recommendation for his girlfriend at the library.


The festival starts by the end of the episode. Although, we don’t get to see Sasaki and Miyano’s date, we get a very fun scene. It actually reminded me of the OVA of Free! Eternal Summer. Miyano goes to see Sasaki’s stand which is a bad boys’ cafe. So Sasaki has to act as a bad boy. And it actually embarasses him that Miyano sees him like that. Though, Miyano quite likes it. Festival scenes in anime are so much fun and so sweet as well.


Sasaki and Miyano‘s latest episode is absolutely delightful. This continues to be a charming and fun series with endearing characters.

Sasaki and Miyano is now streaming on Funimation.

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