February 7, 2023

7 Days War is a beautiful and heartfelt coming of age story.”

7 Days War is an anime feature film directed by Yuta Murano. It’s an adaptation of Souda Osamu’s novel Our Seven-Day War.


When Mamoru learns that his long time crush Aya is leaving for Tokyo, he decides to run away with her for a week as a protest. A group of friends join them but their little run away is disrupted when they realize there is an immigrant Thai kid hiding in their abandoned mine.

7 Days War is a surprisingly beautiful coming of age story. It has a lot to say about how we treat each other. Indeed, there is this immigrant kid who didn’t ask to be there and they all decide to help her. It’s the right thing to do. Helping her changes their lives as they rebel against adults. It unites them for this good cause.

Moreover, this group of kids that seems to be friends, they are not all who they pretend to be. Some of them act the way they do because they want to fit in, others because they are afraid of expressing their feelings. It’s compelling to see these secrets come out as the story moves forward and how it affects their relationships. By the end of the movie, they have grown up emotionally as they all get to face their fears and accept who they are. The scene when they all confront each other is incredibly powerful. I was also glad to see that there is an LGBT element to the story. I don’t want to say too much about this as it would be a spoiler. And that is not my intention to spoil the story.

In truth, the outcome of the story is unexpected in some aspects. But it’s a good thing because in real life not everything ends the way we want. What matters here is how this adventure helps the characters growing up. It’s quite touching.


Visually, 7 Days War uses simple character designs but more elaborate designs for the scenery that is absolutely delightful. Furthermore, it uses vibrant colors which enhances the visuals. I watched it on blu-ray and it  really impressed me.


Jun Ichikawa delivers a nice score. Though, the most memorable part of the soundtrack is the songs by Sano Ibuki. They blend well with the movie.


7 Days War is a beautiful and heartfelt coming of age story.


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