December 10, 2023
Top 20 Posters of The Last Decade Part Three

Annlyel explores her favorite movie posters of the last decade. How many make your favorites list?

We’ve reached the third part of this series and that means we’re venturing into the top ten of my Top 20 Posters of the Last Decade. That’s quite exciting indeed and I’m sure when you see these posters, you’ll understand why.

10. The Dark Knight and Selina Kyle

This poster is utter perfection. The colors are already perfect but to impeccably incorporate Batman and Catwoman in this poster without ever seeing their faces is still one of the most mind-bogglingly awesome decisions I’ve ever seen for a poster. So stunning.

9. Wonder Woman Arrives

If the word stunning was a poster. Gal Gadot looks strikingly beautiful and powerful on this poster which depicts her as a protective yet fierce warrior in all of its subtlety. The colors represent that of the rising sun, revealing that this is the dawn of a new hero. This movie may not be perfect but this poster sure is.

8. Meet the Eternals

Just like Eternals is the most beautiful MCU movie the posters were just as lovely. This teaser poster for the Eternals was brilliant because seeing their silhouettes and the ship they originate from reiterates the fact that these characters are practically aliens from another world. It’s a brilliant way to introduce these mysterious beings living amongst us and undoubtedly one of the most striking teaser posters I’ve seen.

7. A Look at the Joker

Joker | The Trailer for Joaquim Phoenix's Dark and Twisted Joker Movie Has Arrived

The Joker is a creepy dude so when this poster came out for the Oscar-winning film I was very delighted. We see the madness in his eyes without barely being able to see his face. The blood on his chin and nose let us know that this would be a dark depiction of the character and the very design of this poster is almost unsettling. Perfection.

6. Star Wars Is Back!

Do you remember where you were when you first saw this poster? I remember where I was. I was at home looking at Facebook when this poster dropped online and I lost my mind. There was Han Solo and Leia, a very cool-looking antagonist and an instantly likable heroine, Stormtroopers and Chewbacca, droids, a rebel pilot, and the Millennium Falcon; but most importantly a freaking black man was holding a lightsaber!

My mind was blown, my heart rate increased, and my excitement for the film rose about 1000%. Even to this day, with the Sequel Trilogy not going exactly the way I was expecting, this poster still shines as a beacon of greatness.

Okay, we’re almost at the end of the series. The final part will reveal my Top 5 favorite posters of the last decade and I can’t wait to share my thoughts about them with you.


What are your favorite posters of the last decade? Drop a comment in the section below. We’d love to hear from you. 


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