February 6, 2023
South Park Season 25.5 Help, My Teenager Hates Me Review

“South Park Season 25.5 was extremely, subtly funny. It wasn’t brute force in your face offensive. I laughed out loud several times, which is a good sign”

The penultimate South Park episode of Season 25 tackles one of the biggest problems America is facing. Teenagers. Yes, South Park is aiming for the architects of TikTok and their role in today’s society. However, in South Park fashion, all is not what it seems. The episode starts with the boys getting super excited about AirSoft. Which is essentially paintball but with extremely realistic-looking weapons that fire pellets that kind of hurt. Kinda. However, the teenage population wants to play Airsoft as well, and the guy who runs it assigns each boy their own teenager.

South Park Season 25.5 Help, Me Teenager Hates Me


The teenagers are stereotypically sullen, angsty, angry, and quiet, constantly saying “Bra” every few seconds. After the game, the teenagers then begin to become attached to each of the boys, calling them and coming into their houses to use the bathroom, etc. The boys take the role of frustrated parents who can’t connect with their “teenagers”, and all they just wanna do is just play AirSoft. The highlights of this episode are unequivocally the attitude of the teens. Everything they do is so stereotypically silly. In the supermarket, they forlornly lay on their “parent’s” shopping carts.



Cartman’s teenager is constantly pleasuring himself with hand lotion in the bathroom (though Cartman innocently thinks his hands are just really dry). Finally, the best is when Stan’s teenager calls him asking him how to cook Ramen and that he is completely not gay. This addresses how people view American teenagers as angry, dumb, and uncooperative. The boys don’t know what to do with them, and a common theme is saying they will kill them or themselves. As someone, who is taking a teen librarian class, I couldn’t help but grin and shake my head.

Obviously, Trey Parker watched the same SciShow episode about the teenage brain still developing. However, Trey cranks it up and drops an erroneous fact that a teenager’s brain is identical to a sociopath. Ha! I also like the new dynamic between Cartman and Kyle. Cartman still likes to get a rise out of his friend, but his infamous hatred and antisemitic degradation of him are long gone. And they are on much friendlier terms. Cartman also lives in the hotdog stand from when his mom lost her realtor job in Episode 3 of this season, and there are a few soft jokes about how much his life sucks because of that.


This episode was extremely, subtly funny. It wasn’t brute force in your face offensive. It simply exaggerated a very common trope of American life. Teenagers “hate” their parents and parents don’t know how to reach them. I enjoyed myself and laughed out loud several times, which is a good sign (at least for me). B+

South Park is currently showing on Comedy Central.

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