South Park Season 25: Episode 3 (City People)

South Park S.25 Episode 3 “City People” gets an A+ and I am sorry that we only have 3 episodes left

Season 25 of South Park reached its halfway point on February 16th, 2022. Usually, a South Park season contains 10 episodes, but the world has changed, and we only get 6. Yet, when the episodes are as good as City People, you tend to give some leeway.


City People begins by introducing the trend of city people moving out to more rural areas to raise their families. South Park is located in the mountains and a few hours from Denver. The realtor business is booming with all the potential new homeowners. And Lianne Cartman decides to get on the bandwagon and become a realtor to make extra money to support her and her obnoxious son, Eric. There is just one problem. According to Eric, his mom is dumb as sh#t! So why the heck can she get a job?

South Park pokes fun at realtors and the job in general, as not requiring many brains but offering quick and easy money. All you have to do is take a good profile picture and you’re set. I’m not knocking realtors, but South Park does present the dark truth of this line of work. Anybody can be a realtor, and many stay-at-home moms will jump right in, no questions asked.

South Park Season 25 Episode 3 City People


Lianne had no experience, but the realtor company hired her right away. And within minutes, she was showing houses to potential customers. Most of the customers were Millennial New Yorkers, and I couldn’t stop laughing at how we (I live in NYC) were portrayed. The millennial young parents and children cluck and bock like mindless chickens, repeating stereotypical Millennial words like “Tesla”, “Le Croix”; “Bottled water”, “WiFi”, and “Pilates”. It is just so funny and satires how Millennials think they are so cool. Yet they all think alike and mindlessly follow stupid trends like buying a Tesla or drinking a La Croix (which sadly I happen to enjoy.) By showing how the South Park “country people” are not blithering idiots like the Millennial City-People, it illustrates the very real divide between the two worlds. And the Millennials can also be likened to roaches as well as chickens.



Soon, too many of them are going to South Park. And the Chamber of Commerce, while initially excited, soon then (in South Park fashion) wants them gone. Like, shoot them with a shotgun gone. I also like how Eric Cartman became a realtor to get “back” at his mom for taking a job and not being there for him. He tries to poach her business with a desire to be rich, the quick and easy way. But deep down, he is channeling all the kids with single parents who don’t want to let their parents leave them. It’s very poignant and something I can relate to.

Eric tries to sell the houses of people he knows, so he has open houses with the families still living in them. It’s hilarious and so typical of Eric. My prediction of the series keeping continuity also has come true. Token or Tolkien (as Stan would learn) have moved out, and their house is the jewel that Cartman wants to sell. South Park gives the middle finger to both Liberals and Conservatives constantly, as the only black family in town lived in a mansion. Trey Parker once said that he treats the far right, the same as the far left, and I am glad he always keeps his promise.


If I had to pick the funniest moment of the episode, it would have to be the sardonic effect that an accent can play on words. The town’s only Chinese man who owns the Chinese restaurant City Wok, pronounces City as Shitty. So, when he talks about the new arrivals (both positively and negatively), he calls them ‘Shitty people’. With shitty ideas all leaving the shitty. Classic South Park. For some reason, I also really liked the beat of the unnamed song playing when both realtor companies make their idiotic videos. It sounds popular and I am getting a The Weeknd vibe from it. The end was just perfect and what we can learn from this episode (as Millennials), is that you shouldn’t always blindly follow trends like an empty-headed sheep. Everyone is doing it, so, you doing it, just makes it look like millennials are a stupid hive mind. Be better America! Be unique!


This episode gets an A+ and I am sorry that we only have 3 episodes left. I also need to take the time to reflect on how much of a comedic genius Trey Parker is. We need more people like him.


South Park is currently showing on Comedy Central.

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