December 8, 2023

“This week’s episode brings some interesting changes. While the focus on Sôta and Tôya allows better character development.”

After last week’s tournament, it’s time for the Salaryman’s Club to rethink their strategy for the S/J league.


Episode 8 marks a new beginning for the team. Indeed, the dynamic of the team changes a lot as Usuyama has joined them. He is now the one doing singles while Sôta is teaming up with his brother for doubles. As for Takeda, he becomes the coach. This is surely an interesting setting for the team. I honestly couldn’t imagine Usuyama doing doubles so I’m glad he is doing singles. I am looking forward to see what he will do during the league. But the biggest surprise is definitely Takeda becoming the coach. Though, when I think about it, it does make sense especially with what Takeda says to the team. It’s going to be a good challenge for him.

Changes are good but it doesn’t always mean everyone will accept them. That’s the case for Sôta who doesn’t take it well. Indeed, he doesn’t appreciate going from singles to doubles even though, it means he will play with his brother. Furthermore, this episode focuses on the Saeki brothers so we really get to know more about them, especially Sôta who was the most reserved character. And I love this because even though Mikoto and Tatsuru are the leads, the other characters of the badminton club are important too. Thus, it’s good to spend more time with them.


As Sôta faces troubles at the club with the changes, Tôya faces challenges at work. Indeed, there is a problem with the design of the bottle for the leek soda. It’s through these troubles, that we get to learn more about these brothers. But, it also brings them closer together. I like the dynamic between the two so it’s going to be exciting to see them playing in doubles.

Moreover, I really came to appreciate Sôta in this episode. I understand now why he was that way before. He is a more emotionally complex character than he seemed at first. Undoubtedly, character development is everything. I already loved Tôya, he is a fun and endearing character. So seeing him more this week was obviously much appreciated for me.

Finally, do not miss the post credits scene, it is the biggest cliffhanger we’ve got in the series so far. I can tell you, it’s not goign to be easy to wait until next week for episode 9!


This week’s episode brings some interesting changes. While the focus on Sôta and Tôya allows better character development.

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