September 27, 2023

“This week’s episode delivers in all the good ways with plenty of great Sasaki and Miyano content.”

This week is the penultimate episode of Sasaki and Miyano. Honestly, it feels like the series started yesterday and I think no one is ready for it to end already. Hopefully there will be a second season … only time will tell. However, after next week’s final episode, there will be an OVA in July. So, there is still more content coming soon!


This week’s episode picks up right where we left off last week at the cinema when Miyano realizes he loves Sasaki. Obviously, Miyano doesn’t tell him how he feels right at this moment. In fact, he tries to find the right time to tell him. And that’s basically what this episode is all about. Miyano keeps trying to find the perfect place and the perfect time to tell Sasaki he loves him. On one hand, it’s so cute to see Miyano struggling to find the perfect moment to confess his love. He really wants to do it right. On the other hand, it’s frustrating for him because he can’t find the right moment. He doesn’t have the same self-confidence as Sasaki. Sasaki struggled to confess his love to Miyano but it was a lot easier for him than it is for Miyano.

Having a whole episode focusing on Miyano trying to confess his love to Sasaki is such a good idea. Indeed, it kept me on the edge of your seat because I kept asking myself if this was the moment. But this episode also reminded me how much we need a second season. There is still so much story to tell with these two characters. We all want to see their story on screen once they are actually a couple. And I insist on “actually” because almost everyone around them already consider them as a couple. Tashiro makes a fun comment about this.

Furthermore, we do get plenty of sweet scenes between Sasaki and Miyano. It is the content we love. From the scenes at school to the train scenes, this episode delivers in every way.


Last week, I said there was more to Hanzawa’s story and I would like to know more about him. In fact, it’s exactly what happens in this episode. It’s a beautiful story. Indeed, it deals with being gay, coming out and accepting the other for who they are. I definitely loved learning more about this character and his brother.


This week’s episode delivers in all the good ways with plenty of great Sasaki and Miyano content. It also explores Hanzawa’s story in a beautiful way.

Sasaki and Miyano is now streaming on Funimation.

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