November 29, 2022

“Tokyo 24th Ward delivers a captivating episode.”

Last week’s episode was a summary of what happened in the series. So it was not a proper new episode. Though, this week the series with episode 10.


After the events of episode 8 and as the election is getting closer, tensions are growing in the 24th ward. Indeed, DoRed are intensifying their offensive against the mayor. It happens because Ran finds an unexpected ally. That help definitely raises the stakes. Gori’s reaction to this is only to escalate the conflict. As a consequence, the confrontation is no longer fought through the art but people are taking to the streets. I like where this is going. In fact, it does seem like a logical continuation of what has happened.

Tensions are also growing with the KANAE system as it keeps having “bugs.” These bugs as we learned in episode 8 are actually Asumi’s brain that reacts to her friends being in danger. That leaves Koki with a tough decision to make. But, the most concerning is that he doesn’t seem to care for what is left of his sister. He only thinks about what he considers the greater good. And we can also question his definition of the greater good. That’s what I like about Tokyo 24th Ward. It showcases different types of character as the leads. It’s not all good or bad, there is a lot gray in-between.


Shuta remains my favorite character of the series. I just find his story so compelling. He wants to be a hero but being a hero isn’t easy. Sometimes, it  is simply saving people in danger. Other times, it is about making a difficult decision. And other times, it is about finding the truth. This episode showcases all the different aspects of what it is like to be a hero for Shuta.

Moreover, this episode also features an extremely funny scene that everyone will be talking about the weeks to come. Honestly, I did not expect it but I am all here for it!


Tokyo 24th Ward delivers a captivating episode.

Tokyo 24th Ward is now streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll.


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