September 27, 2023

Salaryman’s Club delivers an heartfelt and emotional episode.”

It’s time for a new episode of Salaryman’s Club. This one was an highly anticipated episode after last week‘s cliffhanger.


Indeed, episode 8 ended with Tatsuru telling Mikoto he wanted to end their doubles team. That was definitely a shocker. Consequently, it was difficult to wait a whole week to know what happens next. This week’s episode picks up right where we left off. And yes, it is exactly what it seemed to be. Though, obviously there is a reason to it. And that’s what this episode explores.

The focus is once again back on Tatsuru and Mikoto. This episode is actually divided in two plotlines. The first one concerns Tatsuru. It deals with the aftermath of his decision and what it means for him. Undoubtedly, he has chosen to end his doubles team for a reason but it’s not without remorse. So throughout the episode, he is trying to figure out if it was the right choice.


The second plotline focuses on Mikoto. He has to deal with Tatsuru’s decision. What does it mean for him? He came to Sunlight Beverage because of Tatsuru and now he is back on his own. Can he go back to singles? This episode asks all the right questions. But more importantly, it finally reveals everything that happened between Mikoto and Tatsuru in the past. This is what connects both plotlines. And it gives a satisfying resolution to all of their problems. This episode has some really emotional scenes.


The final part of the episode focuses on the Sunlight B team preparing for the S/J league. It also features the opening of the league. Which I found it to be surprising. I thought they would give full focus to the S/J league in the final episodes and not skip any part of it. Because what happens here, is that we see the opening of the league and then skip to the near end of it. It’s an interesting choice. But I do understand why they would do this. The team is going to face even more challenges at work. Indeed, there is another big cliffhanger with episode 9. And, it is an even bigger one than last week!


Salaryman’s Club delivers an heartfelt and emotional episode. This is one of the best episodes yet.

Salaryman’s Club is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

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