December 5, 2022

The season finale of Sasaki and Miyano is a wonderful and heartfelt episode. It has been an absolute blast to watch this series from beginning to end.”

This is it. Today is the day. It is the final episode of Sasaki and Miyano. I can tell you, I wasn’t prepared, especially after last week‘s ending. This series is too good to end after one season. It was undoubtedly the best anime of the Winter season with Salaryman’s Club. And there is still so much story to tell with these characters. The series hasn’t covered everything that happens in the manga. So thankfully, a new animation project has been announced. We do not know yet what form it will take – a second season or a movie. But something is definitely happening and I am so happy about this. There is also an OVA coming in July. In the meantime, let’s talk about this season finale!


This week’s episode starts where we left off last week. Sasaki tried to kiss Miyano but stopped just before doing so and left him in the hallway of the high school. This was a really big cliffhanger as Miyano was about to tell his feelings to Sasaki. Every week Sasaki and Miyano was the series I was looking forward to the most. But waiting one week to see what happens after this scene was painful. It was my most anticipated episode and now it is there.

The first part of the episode has Miyano trying to find Sasaki while Sasaki went back home on his own. As we see these scenes happening, there are some flashbacks from earlier this season. It is so beautiful made. You can tell they are building up to the moment we are all waiting for. Moreover, I love how Hanzawa and Hirano are just rooting for Miyano and Sasaki to be together. I appreciate supporting friends.

And speaking of Hanzawa, he shares an heartfelt scene with Miyano. It is such an important scene as it deals with what it’s like being gay. Even though, people are now more accepting, there is still homophobia in this world. And I think it was important to address that. This series never stays on the surface. It is deep and meaningful. That’s why I love it so much.


The second part of the episode focuses on Miyano’s declaration of love. And what can I say? It feels so honest and real. It is also clumsy because it is the first time Miyano confesses his love for someone. Moreover, it is the most beautiful declaration of love I have seen in an anime. Sasaki and Miyano are true love. I rewatched the episode a second time before writing this review. I just had to.

The first I love you, the first kiss, the exchange of numbers, the formal dating request, this episode gives it all. Indeed, it is the pinnacle of romance. Sasaki and Miyano is a slow burn love story. And that is the best kind of stories because it builds more anticipation to the moment the characters will be together. Furthermore, it makes you care even more for the characters. This one surely is one of the greatest love stories.


Finally, the post-credits scene offers a look at Sasaki and Miyano’s life once they are boyfriends. And this is a beautiful tease for things to come. I also love how supportive their friends are. Everytime, I am reminded that Japanese anime have a much better depiction of the LGBT community than what American studios do. I did write a piece about this. But, speaking about Sasaki and Miyano, this final scene is simply pure joy. Their story will continue tomorrow.


This series has had constant amazing visuals. I just cannot believe how beautiful this series is. It is a romance series and yet, it has a better animation than some of the big budget action anime. This attention for details amazes me. So I wanted to mention the visuals in this final review of season one.


The season finale of Sasaki and Miyano is a wonderful and heartfelt episode. It has been an absolute blast to watch this series from beginning to end. I am now looking forward to their next animation project.

Sasaki and Miyano is now streaming on Funimation.


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