September 30, 2023
Harry Potter Feasts And Festivities Book Review

Carl takes a trip to Hogwarts to indulge in Jennifer Carroll’s enjoyable new Harry Potter: Feasts And Festivities book

The idea of creating a book around the food and festivities from the Harry Potter movies has been one I’ve been thinking about for a while. It would be a golden opportunity to create something that fans around the globe would snap up in a heartbeat. And I was thinking, ‘why hasn’t someone done it?.’ It appears I wasn’t alone in my thinking. Jennifer Carroll is an author, photographer, and event designer. She is extremely passionate about making celebrations and events that little bit more memorable and special. She has been instrumental in planning parties and events in Manhatten, all over Virginia, and in Beverley Hills. Her work has been featured in many print publications and magazines. And she enjoys sharing her ideas for such events. Which makes her the perfect person to write a book around a ‘Harry Potter‘ event.

Harry Potter Feasts And Festivities Cover


The book itself is, for lack of a better phrase, magical. It is full to the brim of great ideas for creating celebrations, crafts, and party food for a themed event based on the J.K Rowling wizarding world. With sections entitled ‘Hogwarts House Cup Birthday Bash’, ‘Back To Hogwarts Movie Marathon, and ‘A Wizarding Wedding Reception’, you have everything you need for a themed bash. We go through every section and gain some brilliant ideas for what we could do to put on a great event. Every detail is looked into and nothing is left out. Do you want to know how to pull it off? You got it, right here among the pages. By the time you reach the end of the book, you’ll be a wizard yourself.

arry Potter Feasts And Festivities Celebration


We start with the ‘Hogwarts House Cup Birthday Bash.’ It is here where we will discover how to create many different things. Things such as the ‘Hogwarts House Cup Birthday Bash Invites.’, and the ‘Happee Birthdae’ banner in house colors. Floating candles, and many delicious treats to serve at your themed event. The ‘Mooney’s Transformational Cheesy Pasta Balls’ would make a delightful treat for the table. Or how about ‘Luna Lovegood’s Rainbow Radish Coleslaw’? Craving something sweet? There are ‘Hagrid’s Happee Birthdae Cupcakes’ you could make and serve to your guests.

Or there is the ‘Sorting Ceremony Ice Cream Sundae’ to keep everyone happy. You don’t have to fret about creating any of these items. The step-by-step instructions will guide you every step of the way. It will tell you exactly what you need to have at your disposal. And every ingredient to make some delicious and wonderful additions to your wizarding table.


Fancy a night in with your friends and watching the movies back-to-back? This section will give you handy hints on how to do exactly that. The event overview will tell you exactly what you will need to create this event. From invitations and decorations through to menu suggestions and activities. It is all here for you to create a magical time. The invitations are easy. You just need to download the invitation letter from their download resources and you’re away. You can even create the Honeyduke’s trolley sign. From the menu, you could decide to create ‘Hogwarts First Years’ Courgette Boats.’ Or the ‘Hogwarts Express Smokey Sliders.’ How about the ‘Flying Broomstick Cake Pops’? They are all here, ready for you to create and serve during the ‘Potter’ marathon you put on. You can even make your own Chocolate Frogs. The easy-to-follow guide will show you how.


Do you feel like putting on your own version of ‘The Yule Ball Holiday Celebration’? You can with this book. Everything is here to guide you in creating an event like no other. Once again, there are the instructions you will need to create invitations, decorations, and the activities you can provide. The menu suggestions are here for you too. Fare such as ‘Hagrid’s Secret Dragon Eggs’, ‘Madame Maxime’s Giant Potato Gratins.’ And even the ‘Yule Ball Cultural Celebration Cakes.’ Activities include ‘The Golden Egg Scavenger Hunt’, and ‘Daily Prophet Wizard Crackers.’ Personally, I’d like to try the ‘Four Champions Spiced Cider’ or the ‘Black Lake Fish And Chips.’ Of course, the spiced cider is non-alcoholic but it sounds like a wonderful concoction to try.


Do you have a friend who is a massive wizarding world fan and is due to get married? Do you want to create the ultimate ‘Harry Potter‘ themed wedding reception? Then you’re in luck. The book has your back. This section will give you all the ideas you could want. From Prophecy Wedding Invitations to the decorations you can create. Ten menu suggestions for that perfect meal after the happy event through to a party favor you can create to amuse the guests. You can’t go wrong if you follow the guide printed here. The bride and groom will be amazed when they discover you have created Flying Key Place Cards for every table. ‘Golden Snitch Kissing Balls’, and ‘Mirror Of Erised Welcome Message will delight everyone who attends.

For the menu, you could present a ‘Triwizard Charcuterie Board’, some ‘Bezoar Bruschetta’, and even some ‘Sign Of The Hallows Rosemary Prawn Skewers.’ The ‘Patronus Charm Pull Cake’ looks especially tempting. Or you could serve a ‘Three Broomsticks Butterscotch Pudding.’ As an activity to amuse the guests, you can create a ‘Quidditch Bean Bag Toss.’ Nothing is left out here to create an incredible themed event for the bride and groom, along with the attending participants. Everything you will need is listed so you don’t need to worry about a thing. I would suggest, however, that you don’t try and pull off the event by yourself! You’d be a nervous wreck if you did!


What I have mentioned here barely scratches the surface of what lies within the book’s pages. There are other sections that I have not mentioned that will blow you away. This book is inspired, especially for any Harry Potter fan. Or if you want to forge a career planning themed events, you can do no wrong with this book. Everything about it screams quality. It will give you all the tips you will possibly need to create that special occasion for your friends and family.

Who knows? You could become so good at it, and enjoy it so much, that you will start doing it on a full-time basis. It certainly looks like a whole lot of fun. But of course, the detail is in the planning. And once more, here the book becomes invaluable. It will aid you with every step you need to take. It gives you all the advice and the tools to create a themed event.

What Jennifer Carroll has created here is sheer genius. She has used all of her knowledge and experience to craft a book that inspires everyone. What can be done with a little forethought, planning and execution is amazing. It caters to all ages, for almost every occasion you could wish for. And for that reason alone, the book is magical in every respect. Don’t be a muggle. Visit your local book store or preferred online retailer to get your copy now. For once you do, you are guaranteed to have a wizard of a good time.

Harry Potter: Feasts and Festivities by Jennifer Carroll is published by Titan Books and is available to BUY NOW.



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