February 6, 2023

“The second episode of Fanfare of Adolescence continues to live up to its premise. It is a fantastic series in the making.”

It’s Saturday so now it means it’s time for a new episode of Fanfare of Adolescence. After a fantastic premiere, does the show continue to live up to its premise?


The second episode takes place one month after the first one. So, this means we pick up right into “the action.” Indeed, the characters are hard at work. The dynamic we witnessed in the first episode mostly remains the same. It works great. Yu and Shun are at the forefront of the story. Nevertheless, the other members still get plenty of screentime and they are treated as an ensemble.

Plus since, Yu is a former idol, there is a documentary being made about his class. However, this affects him, not in a good way. I do like that the story explores his vulnerability. Yes, he was an idol so he should be comfortable with a camera. But, this is a private setting, it is different. On the other hand, Shun does not mind the camera. He is able to work as if it was nothing. It’s a nice contrast between the two. One is frustrated about the camera while the other is frivolous. Yet, Shun notices that about Yu and he is very caring. The two share some beautiful scenes. Their dynamic isn’t one of rivals but one of two people who are close. Speaking of rivals, their rival is introduced in the episode. I think he is definitely going to cause troubles.


This time, the episode featured both opening and end credits. ‘Move The Soul’ by JO1 is actually used for the opening. And it is banger! Indeed, the opening really puts us in the mood to watch some horse racing. It also makes it clear that Yu and Shun are the focus of the series.

As for the end credits, it features the song ‘Outsider’ by two members of JO1 and Hiroyuki Sawano. This is song is even better and more dynamic. Just like the opening credits, the end credits are also great. They highlight the dynamic of the class and the racing part. Once again, Yu and Shun are front and center. Successful openings and endings are always a good sign for an anime.


The second episode of Fanfare of Adolescence continues to live up to its premise. It is a fantastic series in the making.

Fanfare of Adolescence is now streaming on Crunchyroll.


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