November 29, 2022
The High Republic Show

In the latest Star Wars: The High Republic Show, Krystina explores Phase II, a new group of authors, and more…

On the latest installment of the Star Wars: The High Republic Show, Krystina introduces us to the new group of authors joining The High Republic, we meet a young Marchion Ro in the updated timeline and reveal some fresh exclusives from Phase II. Plus, we chat with Justina Ireland, Charles Soule, and Rob Simpson about the end of Phase I of The High Republic.


Although we’re sad to be entering the twilight of The High Republic Phase I; there is so much excitement building around Phase II. And we’ve been promised some drastic changes coming to the timeline. The dark times are looming on the horizon and not all of our beloved characters are destined to survive. But with Master Yoda on hand to guide the Jedi through these perilous times, the fate of the order is in safe hands…right?

Star Wars The High Republic Timeline

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