February 6, 2023
Very Neko Women's Empowerment Collection

Darcie explores the new Very Neko Women’s Empowerment Collection and chats with designer Kate Ballamy about the inspiration behind the line!

If you are looking for some brand new Disney princess pieces for your wardrobe then Very Neko’s new Women’s Empowerment Collection is for you! The collection focuses on four of our favorite princesses: Rapunzel, Belle, Cinderella, and Ariel. There are 12 items in the range. 4 sweatshirts, 4 t-shirts, and 4 bucket hats – and every item is super cute! Each princess has her empowering tagline which I love. And the best thing about the collection is it was designed by four of the Very Neko ambassadors!

Very Neko Women's Empowerment Collection

I had a chance to catch up with one of the designers: Kate (@kateballamy on Instagram). Kate designed the Cinderella collection. The Cinderella bucket hat features a tie-dye fabric, the inside is printed with images such as Cinderella and the glass slippers – making this a multi-wear item. The oversized white T-shirt (my personal favorite), features a charming image of Cinderella on the front whilst the back features the empowering quote ‘They can’t stop me from dreaming.’ The final item is the blue sweatshirt, the same quote accompanies a full-sized image of Cinderella in her classic blue ballgown. Surrounding her are images of pumpkins, threads, and glass slippers which evoke memories from the 1950 animated classic. Whilst I caught up with Kate I had the amazing opportunity to ask her some questions about the collection:

Very Neko Women's Empowerment Collection

  • What made you choose Cinderella?

‘I chose Cinderella as she was always my favorite princess growing up as a child and that movie gives me so much happy nostalgia. She’s always inspired me with her kindness and shows us that even if you’re going through tough times, to keep going because with patience and a little time things do get better and your dreams can come true! I was so excited to be able to capture some of that into the pieces with the quote “they can’t stop me from dreaming.”

  • What item do you love most from the collection?

‘My favorite item is definitely the jumper! It’s just such a me piece as I love that kind of casual acid wash style. Those kinda jumpers are always a staple in my wardrobe, for every day at home and in the parks. I absolutely love the Cinderella blue with the pops of orange from the pumpkins. It’s definitely going to be coming with me to the Magic Kingdom later  this year!’

Very Neko Women's Empowerment Collection

  • What was creating the collection like?

‘It was really exciting working with the Very Neko design team to create the collection! They’re absolutely incredible at what they do and put all my ideas and visions into the pieces perfectly! I couldn’t believe how well everything came together when I saw the final pieces in person. It was definitely a pinch-me moment and an opportunity I’d never even dreamt of happening from my Instagram account!’ I love love this collection, the amount of passion that went into creating the collection by Kate is evident. I can just imagine how great these items will look at the Disney parks. The collection ranges in price from £14.99 to £26.99. And if this is your first order you can get 10% off if you register your email! Have a magical shop!

Very Neko Women's Empowerment Collection

Link to collection: Disney They Can’t Stop Me From Dreaming Sweatshirt – Denim Blue Acid Wash | retro vibes and nostalgia – all on VeryNeko UK!


Will you be adding the Very Neko Empowerment Collection to your wardrobe? Sound off below.


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