September 27, 2023

Fanfare of Adolescence announces a second collaboration!

After their collaboration with Tobu Zoo, Fanfare of Adolescence has revealed another team up. This time, it is a collaboration with DECOTTO by Animate cafe. Doing a collab with a cafe is the usual for anime. This one starts on May 18 and will end on June 13.

Obviously this means new art and new merchandise. Once again, Yu and Shun are the focus. Though, they are joined by Amane as well. The new art features them as waiters.

As for the merchandise, you can buy acrylic keychains, acrylic stands, a tote bag and badges. Moreover, if you order from the cafe’s special menu, you can get as a bonus coasters and straw markers.

DECOTTO is located at the Animate Cafe Shop of Ikebukuro in Tokyo. The first season of Fanfare of Adolescence is currently airing on Crunchyroll.

SOURCE: Animate Cafe

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