September 30, 2023

Free! teams up a second time with Mizuno for The Final Stroke Part 2.

Earlier this year, Free! had teamed up with Mizuno for The Final Stroke Part 2. Today, they announced a second collaboration to celebrate the release of the movie. This time, Ikuya and Sousuke are joining Haruka and Rin as ambassadors of Mizuno Swim. Obviously, this new team up includes a new illustration of the four characters wearing Mizuno outfits.

The new campaign starts on May 17 at the Mizuno shops in Tokyo and Osaka. There, fans will be able to buy the outfits the characters are wearing and as a reward they will get a random clear file. There are three different clear files – the new illustration and the previous illustrations from the first collab. You need to spend at least 5,000 Yen on target products to get that reward. For international fans, you can also buy the outfits online. Furthermore, reservations will start online on May 26 for specially designed outfits of Haruka, Rin and Ikuya.


SOURCE: Kyoto Animation

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