January 28, 2023

Hot Toys teases the arrival of another Spider-Man villain!

Fans are still waiting for the two other Spider-Man figures announcements from Spider-Man No Way Home. But in the meantime, Hot Toys has decided to tease another villain. After many years, they are finally going to make Vulture from Spider-Man Homecoming. This comes as a surprise. Indeed, the figure was first displayed at a con years ago but it was never announced. Thus, collectors thought it was another figure that would never be made. However, things have changed today. So, you can rejoice because Vulture is finally coming soon!

Get a glimpse of his menacing look. Soon to unveil an updated version of Spider-Man villain, Vulture, as the highly movie-accurate figure paired with one-sixth scaled wings. Inspired by Spider-Man: Homecoming.

SOURCE: Hot Toys


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