November 26, 2022
Star Wars Insider Galactic Tales Inheritance Review

Max takes a space detour to Dex’s Diner to explore the latest short story found within the pages of Star Wars Insider magazine


It’s time to return to Dex’s Diner for the latest installment of Galactic Tales from Star Wars Insider.

“OLLLD BUDDDDY”. Yes, we are looking at another Galactic Tales short story, and this time it stars the fan-favorite (and one of my favorites) secondary Prequel Trilogy Star Wars character, Dexter Jettster. Dexter is one of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s old friends. And the four-armed Besalisk is the proprietor of Dex’s Diner on Coruscant, known for the best nerf-burgers in the galaxy.

Dex's Diner in Attack of the Clones


Dex is such an awesome being and played a significant role in Brotherhood, the latest Star Wars novel as of this writing. He is always eager to help his Jedi friends and is more knowledgeable than the droids at the Jedi Temple. He correctly identified a Kamino saber dart for Obi-Wan in Episode 2, and now he returns to help another friend identify a similarly mysterious item.

The friend in question is a Mirilan named Servit who shows Dex an ancient droid that Dex immediately identifies as an Ee-Ex droid. These droids were used by the Pathfinders to send messages. Presumably, before the Holonet was invented, and Servi’s ancestor was killed in what would later become a bit of a legend. The discovery of the treasure on the moon of Shara’Turm. The expedition was led by a Jedi named Sturm Umbrik and unfortunately, Servit has attracted some unwanted attention…

Dexter Jettster in Attack of the Clones


I was very hesitant in reading this tale because the last Insider story was deplorable and single-handedly ruined General Grievous. So I was afraid they would ruin Dex as well. It’s safe to say they didn’t and George Mann delivers a delightful tale that showcases Dexter’s best traits. When a group of goons led by a Weequay comes in to take the droid to find the treasure; Dex showcases cunning and prowess that is comparable to that of his Jedi compatriots.

He even deflects blaster bolts with a friggen frying pan, and caused me to laugh out loud! Obi-Wan may have a lightsaber, but Dex has a frying pan. Ha! The story ends unexpectedly, and again showcases Dex’s ingenuity. I loved reading Dex again (even briefly). And I wish the Besalisk chef was a friend of mine in the real world. Great story and I feel confident about the next one which will star Mace Windu.

In the meantime, subscribe to Star Wars Insider by Titan Magazines, and I need to ask for that frying pan and Dex’s dewback-burger recipe!


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