January 30, 2023
Hot Toys Jango Fett (Star Wars Attack Of The Clones) Review

“Jango Fett is an awesome figure with a fantastic headsculpt of Temuera Morrison. Plus, you get a lot of accessories, which gives you so many possibilities for display!”

The Hot Toys Jango Fett arrives on point as 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of Attack of the Clones. Sideshow Collectibles is currently shipping pre-orders for this figure. But is it worth your hard-earned credits?


Hot Toys Jango Fett

This is your usual Star Wars box – a black box with a picture of the figure and the Star Wars logo. For Attack of the Clones figures, you have a blue-colored strip with additional pictures of the figure. This one indicates some of the accessories you get. However, I think it is a missed opportunity not to have used the anniversary box design for this figure since it is released on the 20th anniversary.


Hot Toys Jango Fett

This figure comes with plenty of accessories to recreate the different looks Jango Fett has in Attack of the Clones. The display base is your usual Star Wars interior base painted in dark gray with the nameplate. I would have preferred a Kamino display base for him. The stand is a dynamic stand, so be careful with that. Avoid displaying your figure with it for a long period or try alternatives

The figure has six hands – two open hands, two fist hands, and two hands to hold the various accessories. Speaking of accessories, he comes with his two classic Westar-34 blaster pistols. They used shiny silver paint and also a little bit of yellow. It is really cool.


Moreover, he also comes with a fiber cord whip with a hook that you can add to his gauntlet and an anti-security blade to replace his gauntlet. With these, you can recreate the scenes from his fight against Obi-Wan. There is a flamethrower effect that can be attached to his gauntlet as well. It is roughly the same effect that came with The Mandalorian. Plus, you have the dented helmet. It works with a magnet. So you can either display him with his « shiny » helmet or his damaged helmet.

Then, he has a tube-shaped container. It is the one he gave to Zam at the beginning of the movie and a field security overloader along with a lock beaker. These are small accessories but always with some details.

Hot Toys Jango Fett

This is not over yet, you have two different types of the jetpack. His first one and the second he uses on Geonosis. Both of these are jetpacks that Hot Toys had already used. So these are repaints. I love that his first jetpack has some weathering on it while the second one feels new. You can use jetpack thrusters effects on both. And for the first one, you can remove the rocket and add a specially designed rocket-firing effect. For the Geonosis jetpack, you can use one of the thruster’s effects to create a rocket firing effect for the rocket. 

Furthermore, this figure comes with a headset comlink that can be used on the headsculpt. It is made of soft plastic so you can easily remove it from the head. Even though, the headset is easy to remove, be careful when you use it with the headsculpt. And make sure to not display the figure with that headset for long periods. Finally, you get the poncho. It is all blue and has wires inside, so you can adjust it for poses.


Hot Toys Jango Fett

I am just so happy to finally get a Hot Toys figure of this character! I love this silver Mandalorian armor with some blue on the helmet. The armor pieces are made of plastic with beautiful silver paint and they are all sewed to the undersuit. The armor parts all feature a subtle weathering. It is not too much, it is just the right amount. That undersuit is entirely made of fabric. There is also pleather for the belt, holsters, and the bust.

Though, considering where they used that material it won’t be a problem if you display your figure in an action pose for a long period. Despite the cables on the gauntlets, the articulation range of the arms is still great. They used soft plastic. So don’t worry about damaging them over time. This figure has a great articulation range with over 30 points of articulation.

Unlike the system they use for the two-pack Boba Fett from The Mandalorian, it works with a joint. This means the interior of the helmet is not sculpted. It is a shame they didn’t use this system. Actually, it was quite easy to do. Nevertheless, the helmet still looks great and has a good range of articulation, he can look on each side, down and up.


Hot Toys Jango Fett

The clone head sculpts were made by Viva Lai, the Boba one was made by Yulli Choi and the Jango Fett headsculpt was made by Yeon Sun Jeon and painted by JC Hong. This is another fantastic headsculpt. Indeed, it looks like Temuera Morrison. And of course, it is highly detailed, you can even see the little scars on his face! With Hot Toys, you always get the best quality.

In terms of articulation, the neck and the head are two separate pieces which means better articulation range. But on an aesthetic level, it doesn’t look as good as if it was just one piece. The head can look up, down, and on each side.



Without any doubt, the Hot Toys Jango Fett is an awesome figure with a fantastic headsculpt of Temuera Morrison. Plus, you get a lot of accessories, which gives you so many possibilities for display!

The Hot Toys Jango Fett is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in Europe and the United States and is available to PRE-ORDER NOW! 


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