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What is the best base or stand for your precious Hot Toys figures? Thomas is on hand with his top tips for protecting your figures from harm

Hot Toys are high-end collectibles. They use the best materials for their figures and make them the most accurate possible. That means having spandex-type suits for Spider-Man figures, using seamless plastic on figures that don’t have long sleeves.

Hot Toys Spider-Man Upgrade Suit Review 011

Unfortunately, some of these materials can be damaged with time. Though, if you read the instruction sheets and follow what is said there, you will be able to protect your figures. There is a general rule for all figures – don’t expose them to high heat or humidity. Plus, do not excessively bend the joints of your figures. Then, if the figure has seamless arms or an untypical suit (spandex, faux leather, or other styles of fragile fabric), do not let them stay in the same pose for a long time. You have to return them to their original pose as often as possible. Actually, I would even recommend displaying them in their original pose. And if you do toy photography, then that’s when you are giving them action poses. For figures using simple fabric, this problem is non-existent because it won’t be damaged over time.


However, there is one thing the instruction sheet does not mention – the figure stands. And that is extremely important to keep your figures safe. There are two types of stands – the holding crotch stand and the dynamic stand. As cool as the dynamic stand can be, it is harmful to your figures. It is helpful for toy photography but not for display. However, Hot Toys keeps giving a lot of their figures the dynamic stand but you cannot use that for display. Too often I see on Facebook groups people using it and then a few months later, complaining that the stand damaged their figures. Only the diecast figures (Iron Man) can withstand the dynamic stands. So, what can you do for your other figures?

You have two solutions for figures that come with a dynamic stand. You can remove it and let the figure stand on the display base without a stand. Or you can replace it with a holding crotch stand.

You can buy these stands from third-party sellers or Hot Toys often sells their own. There are two types of holding crotch stands – the round ones and the rectangular ones. Depending on your display base, you’ll need one or the other. For the sandy display bases like The Mandalorian, you need a rounded one. While for the octagonal display bases, you need the rectangular ones. You can also get a different display base if you want to with the holding crotch stand. It’s up to you.

Keep collecting and make sure to protect your figures from any damage! Feel free to dip into our Hot Toys review archive for a closer look at these incredible figures.


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