February 7, 2023

“Fanfare of Adolescence takes us on an emotional rollercoaster. This is a deeply moving episode while also being powerful and inspiring.”

This week has a been a long wait after last week’s tragic episode. With only two episodes left, what happens now?


This episode picks up two weeks after Kisuke’s death. And as we guessed at the end of episode 10, it was not going to be easy for Shun to grieve. Indeed, loosing Kisuke was too much to bear for him. It even lead him to loose his “gift” of hearing horses.

On an emotional level, we find him in a difficult situation. For the audience, it is heartbreaking to see him like this. Because he tries to somehow act normal even though, he is not fine at all. And proof is, he left his internship to go to the stables where Kisuke was supposed to retire. He wants to move on but he cannot really do that until he accepts Kisuke’s death.

Despite being introduced only a few episodes ago, Kisuke’s absence is really felt. This is how good the writers are. They made us care about this horse and especially Shun’s bond with him. This episode is so deeply moving. It hits us hard with the feels. Plus, Hiroyuki Sawano’s score adds a lot to the emotional core of the episode. I have to say it again, he is one of the best Japanese composers. So I definitely recommend to have some tissues with you before you launch the episode.


Though, it is not all despair. Yu is coming back to the foreground. The same way, Shun first helped him to get back up, Yu is determined to help him now. Right from the beginning of the series, their bond has been portrayed as something truly special. They are the heart of this series. And this episode is all about them spending time together as Yu tries to be there for him. Just like in episode 6, the two share a powerful and inspiring scene. It brought me in tears, not of sadness like some of Shun’s scenes in this episode but tears of joy. It is an absolutely beautiful scene, not just on an emotional level but also visually. There is a strong visual language in that scene. For Shun, it is a deep moment of realization. But it also shows what the two mean for each other.


This episode acts as another transition in the series. Indeed, it takes us away from the internship to fully focus on the aftermath of Kisuke’s death. It is a focus on feelings. And by the end of the episode, the internship is over. Thus, the last two episodes will send the characters back to the school. Which means Aki, Kota and Sojiro will be back. I love how this series in just a season has been able to have different chapters so well developped. It never feels rushed. Each chapter is only a few episodes. But the writers take their time to tell their stories.


Fanfare of Adolescence takes us on an emotional rollercoaster. This is a deeply moving episode while also being powerful and inspiring. It is the best episode yet.

Fanfare of Adolescence is now streaming on Crunchyroll.


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