February 7, 2023

Fanfare of Adolescence goes all in with the horse races with an intense episode.

It is Saturday. So this means it is time for a new episode of Fanfare of Adolescence. However, there is only one episode left. And this does not seem fair. This series has been absolutely delightful. In fact, I did not see these twelve weeks passing by. So, this is not going to be easy to see this season ends next week. Obviously, we can hope for another season. But for now, nothing says for sure it will happen. In the meantime, is this new and final chapter satisfying?


Last week’s episode was the end of the internship. So this week, the characters are back at the school. And they are in the final stage of their study. This final stage is actually 8 training races. And that is what these final two episodes are all about. Everytime there is a race, we can hear different versions of the track ‘Rush.’ Hiroyuki Sawano has composed a track that gives you all the adrenaline needed for these races. It adds so much to what you see on screen.

Because, this episode focuses on the races, it showcases mostly all the characters on the same level. Indeed, these races are not just individual, it is a team effort. They all work together to be better. Since they are doing races, this episode features the jockey outfits from the opening credits. It is the first time we see them in an actual episode.


Maki has always been the weakest of the group in terms of results. They did not show us what happened during his internship. Though, we can see he has change quite a lot. He is no longer the weakest. In fact, he has become pretty good as a training jockey. It is even more impressive as Maki is the sole character who has to work even harder than the others to succeed. Because he is simply an average person. So he has his own struggles. It is so rewarding to see all the characters evolve in different ways. Speaking of struggles, this episode also prepares us for something to happen with Shun’s future. You just have to pick up the signs.


Once again, this episode features a post-credits scene that leaves you wanting to see what happens next. This one is about Yu and Shun. Obviously, I am going to think about it all week wondering what does Shun want to tell to Yu. I do have an idea what it is going to be about. But it could also be something. Plus, what is going to be Yu’s reaction to this and what does it mean for them? So many questions and one whole week to wait for the answers.

Even though, I hope for a second season, I have a feeling the end will conclude all the storylines while leaving the door open to tell the story of the characters in their adulthood. Which would be very interesting to see. Similar to what Free! did after Eternal Summer.


Fanfare of Adolescence goes all in with the horse races with an intense episode.

Fanfare of Adolescence is now streaming on Crunchyroll.


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