January 30, 2023
Batman The Dark Knight Trilogy Hot Toys Review

This DX Hot Toys Dark Knight figure is definitely worth it for fans of The Dark Knight trilogy. It is a great figure that comes with lots of accessories and a perfect Christian Bale headsculpt.

It is time to rediscover The Dark Knight trilogy with the newest Batman figure from Hot Toys. This new Batman figure is a DX figure (DX19). And this is not simply a reissue of the previous Batman figure from The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. In fact, this is a new and updated figure.


It is a DX figure so this is a special type of box. It feels more prestigious. Indeed, they used foam instead of the usual plastic that protects the figure. Plus, you get a keychain with the Dark Knight symbol.


He comes with plenty of accessories. The display base is a big one. It is the same base as Wonder Woman Golden Armor with a nice nameplate. Except that on top of the base, they added an environment piece of New York. It is a sidewalk with two steps and some snow around. So this is from the final battle in The Dark Knight Rises. Plus, for the cool effect, you have the Bat symbol marked on the first step. It definitely takes some space in your collection. Though, that is totally fine because I love this! I wish they had kept the LED light-up feature for the base. But they didn’t keep it for Wonder Woman either.

For a DX I am a bit disappointed by the number of hands. Actually, you only get six hands, I think they could have done better on that side. So you get, two fist hands, an open hand, one hand to hold the batarangs, and two hands to hold the other weapons.

As for the weapons, there are a lot of choices. You have three batarangs and two mini mines. For the bigger weapons, you have the usual grapnel gun with the upper part that is actually movable, it’s nicely detailed and painted. Then there is the transformable sticky bomb gun, you can move the different parts to have it in action mode or rest mode. Finally, there is an EMP rifle with an LED light-up function, that’s really cool, right?

There is also an headsculpt, an additional masked headsculpt, and interchangeable lower faces. We will talk about it in a detailed way below.


This is an awesome figure that beautifully recreates Batman’s outfit from this classic trilogy. The undersuit uses fabric and on top of that, they glued pieces of pleather for the legs. While the boots are made of two separate pieces to allow feet articulation. The torso uses soft plastic while the breastplate is made of a harder plastic. Gauntlets and Pauldrons also used plastic.

Considering how the materials are used, I recommend being careful when you display your figure. Don’t leave in the same action pose for a long period of time otherwise, you are going to have some problems. Even though, the figure has a good articulation range, make sure to read the instruction sheet before doing anything.

The cape is really big but the same as Batman from Justice League there are no wires inside so you simply cannot pose it, which is a shame. But the good news for Batman from The Batman is the cape will have wires so at least we’ll be able to have a poseable Batman cape.


You have two different masked headsculpt. The first one features separate rolling eyeballs which is a better system than the interchangeable eyes of Batman from Justice League. Indeed, with these, you can have the figure look in any direction! Separate rolling eyeballs are the best feature! And just like Maul, the head works with a magnet which is better a system when you have to remove the head to move the eyes. It is easy and it will not damage the head joint since there are no joints, just a magnet. In terms of articulation, the head is limited he can look on each side. If you want proper head articulation, you can move the neck. In fact, it is realistic since it is pretty much like that in the movie hence why they included rolling eyeballs.

There are also four different lower faces that recreate iconic Christian Bale’s expression. You have the neutral expression, the slightly open mouth, the speaking mouth, and the angry mouth. He has special expressions and I love how they were able to recreate them.  The second masked headsculpt features an LED light-up feature for the eyes and the lower faces can also be used for this one. The light-up function is always a cool feature to have! 

Then you have the Bruce Wayne head sculpt. It was made by Yulli Choi, Yeon Sun Jeon, Taeho Kang, Da In Jeong, and it was painted by JC Hong. Hot Toys has assembled a super team for this headsculpt. Obviously, the results are exactly what you would expect from these sculptors. This is a perfect Christian Bale headsculpt. This is Bale, right here. It is as realistic as it gets. I have no complaints here. They also chose a serious expression that works for Bruce Wayne. The head and the neck are just one piece. So it looks better but the articulation is limited. You can move the head on each side and have him look slightly up and down.



This DX Hot Toys The Dark Knight figure is definitely worth it for fans of The Dark Knight trilogy. It is a great figure that comes with lots of accessories and a perfect Christian Bale headsculpt.

The Hot Toys Batman is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in Europe and the United States and is available to PRE-ORDER NOW! 



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