December 11, 2023
Robert Pattinson's The Batman Teased By MAFEX

Get ready to return to the streets of Gotham City because Robert Pattinson’s The Batman is coming to the MAFEX collection

It’s been a while since MAFEX unleashed a notable new figure, but when the toy giant teases Robert Pattinson‘s The Batman…we take notice. Overnight, Medicom posted a teaser image of the figure to their Instagram feed. And despite not revealing the character in his traditional cowl, the teaser shows an impressive face sculpt of Bruce Wayne. Check out the teaser below.

MAFEX The Batman Preview


Sadly, the teaser failed to reveal any pricing or release date information. Still, with the figure already through the prototypical phase, indeed it’s only a matter of time before The Batman arrives on the shelves and defends Gotham City from those pesky super-criminals!

As always, we’ll update the post with all the juicy details as soon as they hit the wires. So check back regularly. You’ll never miss a thing with Future of the Force.

Source: Instagram

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