Return to Hogwarts With The Calzedonia Harry Potter Socks

Darcie kits out her wardrobe for the annual Return to Hogwarts and checks out Calzedonia’s new Harry Potter sock collection!

The first of September only means one thing to witches and wizards across the globe: it’s time to board the 11 trains on platform 9 and 3/4 and return home to Hogwarts. And for this monumental journey, you are going to need some new Hogwarts merchandise, luckily I have you covered. Fashion brand Calzendonia has a fantastic new Harry Potter sock collection, perfect for the incoming Autumn aka Harry Potter season.

Return to Hogwarts - Calzedonia Socks


The collection features twenty-five pairs of socks for women, men, and children. So you can kit out all ages in Harry Potter-themed socks. Several of the designs come in men’s, women and children’s which are: a pair dedicated to platform 9 and 3/4 and the Hogwarts express. There is a red, yellow, and blue pair dedicated to the quidditch team. Some designs come in just women and men: a non-slip pair that features the words ‘Harry’ on one sock and ‘potter’ on the other. A pair with a Harry dedicated crest, which features his glasses, scar, and initials. The final pair that comes in both men’s and woman’s is a Hogwarts house sock. This pair is one of my favorites and features the Hogwarts crest and bands of the four house colors around the ankle.

Harry Potter Crest Appliqué Short Socks


The women’s collection also features a pair of blue socks with a picture of Harry Potter and a matching pair with Hermione on them. And a white pair with Hogwarts written around the ankle with blue and red bands on either side. Simple but perfect!  In the men’s collection, there are also further two designs, both of which are non-slip socks one pair is dedicated to Gryffindor the other to Slytherin (sorry Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw fans). There are also five further designs in children’s sizes. Three pairs of ankle socks: one with a Ron face, one with Hermione the other with Harry’s face. The final pairs are non-slip featuring Harry with a wand saying ‘Expelliarmus!’ And Hermione with a wand saying ‘Wingardium Leviosa’

Harry Potter Short Sport Socks


The socks range is priced from £4 to £11 a pair. And currently, if you buy four pairs you get a pair free! Calzedonia has created a great collection, sure to get every Harry Potter fan ready for a new year at Hogwarts. Happy return to Hogwarts day from all of us at Future of the Force! Hopefully, you won’t have any run-ins with Voldemort this year. And if you do make sure you are wearing a pair of the Calzedonia non-slip socks!

Explore the full Harry Potter Calzedonia collection here.



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