September 27, 2023
The She-Hulk mid-Season Sneak Peek Reveals Daredevil

The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen returns to the MCU in the mid-season teaser for She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

With She-Hulk: Attorney At Law reaching its midway point, fans could be forgiven for wondering when Daredevil will make his triumphant return to the MCU. So far we’ve had a plethora of awesome cameos including Bruce Banner, Wong, and Emil Blonsky. But what about the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen?


Since the exceptional Netflix series reached its inevitable conclusion, fans have been yearning to see Charlie Cox slip back into his iconic costume. And the first teaser for She-Hulk finally gave us a glimpse of that iconic moment. But until now, Jennifer Walters’ solo adventures have been Charlie Cox-free! But all that is about to change.


At long last, the man without fear is back. And today, the mid-season teaser for She-Hulk has revealed our first look at the Marvel hero, as well as the first encounter between Matt Murdoch and Jennifer Walters. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the teaser for yourself.


Wow, it is great to see Charlie Cox back in the MCU. And by the looks of things, he hasn’t missed a beat. And the new-look comic-inspired costume looks pretty cool too. And from the looks of things, Matt Murdoch will be on hand to advise Jennifer Walters’ on how to separate her real life from superhero life. An art form that he has perfected over the course of three gripping seasons. And the rapport between the duo looks absolutely hilarious. So expect sparks to fly when they finally meet on screen.

Charlie Cox Daredevil in She-Hulk

Just how much screen time Charlie Cox will have remains to be seen. But with Daredevil: Born Again officially announced, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is back in a big way. And let’s face it, his inclusion in Jennifer Walters’ solo story will only bring a new element to an already enjoyable series.

She-Hulk Attorney At Law is streaming on Disney Plus now.

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