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“The Rings Of Power is forging relationships deep into our hearts so that as the series continues not only will the story be interesting but we will be entirely invested in these characters.”

Like last week’s two-episode premiere, the latest episode of The Rings Of Power titled “Adar” is heavily focused on world-building. We’re introduced to new characters whose back stories and purposes have to be fleshed out so that we can get invested in their storylines moving forward. Because there are so many storylines happening at once I’m going to detail my thoughts on each character’s storyline in this episode and my verdict on the episode as a whole.


Galadriel’s sole purpose is to find Sauron and her mission is unwavering even as she reaches Numenor, the westernmost land of Men. Her dogged determination to do whatever it takes to reach the Southlands can be somewhat annoying. But this episode forces her to relax, even for a moment, and that’s a nice change of pace for her story.

Unfortunately, the show hasn’t made me a fan of her character yet because of her unwavering earnestness which comes across as a bit much sometimes. But I appreciate that the writers are retaining her purpose.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power


Arondir is now captured by a horde of orcs and he must find a way to escape. This is one of the most interesting storylines in the third episode, as we start to get a better picture of the imminent threat to arise in this series, Sauron. Now, did this episode make me like his character more? Not really, but he is cementing himself as one of the coolest elves we’ve met.


With a storyline that confirms him as Aragorn 2.0, Halbrand is looking to be one of the least interesting characters in the series so far. However, unlike Aragorn, he has a dark side that was conveyed very well in this episode; which pretty much confirms my theory. He will become a King and then eventually a Ringwraith. If this does happen, it’ll be one of the most interesting storylines in this series.


Nori and the Harfoots are still as sweet and lovable as ever. I love the Harfoots so much in this show! Every time the episode shifted back to them a smile spread along my face. Nori’s determination to help the Stranger is starting to become a bit dragged out. But overall, I’m almost certain she’s still my favorite character in the show.

The Lord Of The Rings The Rings Of Power Harfoots


I love Elendil already. He has all the qualities to make him not only a believable ancestor of Aragorn but a very likable character in this series. His love for Elves and knowledge of Middle-Earth as well as his undeniable goodness was just so nice. I know for a fact he will be one of my favorite characters in this show.


With what little storyline we had of Isildur in this episode so far I’m not really a fan. There’s a conflict between him and his father, he’s learning how to become an officer in the Numenorean navy basically, and he wants to be with his brother but he can’t. For some reason. I think I missed the details on why there are parts of his lineage that he should stay away from him. But as of right now, his storyline needs baking for me to get invested.

Queen Tar-Miriel

Tar-Miriel is undoubtedly regal and interesting but I really can’t say much more than that. She doesn’t like elves for some reason. But the answers as to why she doesn’t like elves will have to be postponed to next week. And that’s, obviously, a bummer.

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My Verdict of the Episode

While last week’s episodes contained world-building and no shortage of character introductions this week’s episode felt a bit like a slog. There were bits and pieces of the episode that I liked and there were sections that I found myself a little bored with. Halbrand’s kingly origins were not only predictable but when so obviously paralleling him to Aragorn he’s just far less likable at this point.

Elendil’s relationship with his children felt like an extra bit of drama in the episode that I didn’t need. That scene was a bit hard to follow because it felt like there was so much important exposition being thrown at me. Yet I couldn’t retain it. (That also might be because I was watching that scene after 01:00 in the morning.)

But one thing I am starting to notice with The Rings Of Power is that there is a common thread between all of these storylines and that is love. Love for your friends. Love for your family, and romantic love. This show is forging these relationships deep into our hearts so that as the series continues not only will the story be interesting but we will be entirely invested in these characters. And that brilliance is what is going to make this show a beloved addition to the Tolkien universe in the coming weeks. And hopefully, years.

The Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power

The episode, unfortunately, ended on a cliffhanger that left me with a gasp. So yes, I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens next week.

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