The Stradivarius House Of The Dragon Collection

Winter is coming to dominate your wardrobe. Darcie explores the Stradivarius x House of the Dragon fashion collection

I was recently online shopping for some Autumn fashion when I discovered that Stradivarius (one of my favorite places to buy jeans) has collaborated with HBO’s House of the Dragon to create a massive collection, perfect for fans and non-fans alike. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite pieces with you.


House of the Dragon logo



If you are looking for some themed T-shirts then Stradivarius has three. One reads ‘I am not a princess, I’m a Queen’ accompanied by the Targaryen symbol. The next features the quote ‘Dreams didn’t make us kings. Dragons did’ and the final one says ‘House of the Dragon’ across the top with the Targaryen three-headed dragon taking up the bulk of the t-shirt.

If you’re after something subtle, yet still noticeably linked to House of the Dragon, then you need either the red Devore top or the red devore dress. Both of which feature the Targaryen colors: Black background with red coloring. Within the velvet-style pattern, the three-headed dragon sigil is placed for a subtle but noticeable nod to the show. Both the dress and the top are perfect for autumn and are my personal favorites.



No collection would be complete without Jewellery. There is a set of two neckless’, one of which is a simple wavy composition, and the other is a chain with two dangle charms, one a dagger and the other the Targaryen sigil. There is also a set of three rings, all gold, one featuring a red heart stone, and one the Targaryen sigil. And the third is a dragon that twists around your finger.

The collection also features several great items that are themed to the show without being covered in quotes and images including faux leather skirts and trousers which have a lizard-like pattern, mesh and sheer tops, body chains, cargo trousers, jackets, and longline cardigans, dresses and corset tops. This is a well-rounded collection that varies in its theming. It’s refreshing to see a collection that isn’t just quotes and images from a show or movie. These pieces are inspired by House of Dragon, giving a modern twist to the colors and costumes seen throughout the show.



The collection is available online now and in selected stores. And if you order online you currently get a limited edition tote bag free with any order from the House of Dragon collection.

Will you be adding the STRADIVARIUS House of the Dragon fashion to your wardrobe? Sound off below.


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