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Winter is coming! Darcie checks out the new Revolution x Game of Thrones makeup collection

Are you loving the new Game of Thrones spin-off, House of The Dragon or just looking for new themed makeup? Well, Revolution has got you covered with their new Game of Thrones collaboration, which will have you looking ready to fight for the throne of Westeros.

Revolution X Game Of Thrones Collection

‘winter is coming

When you play the game of thrones, you win, or you die. This Halloween, transform into a fiery queen, a fearless Nights watchman or creature from beyond the wall with the NEW limited-edition Revolution X Game of Thrones collection!’


The collection features 15 new products, to create a number of lasting flawless looks. There are four eyeshadow palates, ‘Mother of Dragons’ which features 18 fiery shades with the Targaryen dragons on the front. ‘Winter is coming’ which is comprised of 18 nude and blue tones, perfect for any White Walker. ‘3 Eyed Raven’ features 18 nude shades and a black feathered case. The last shadow palette is a massive Westeros map which is made up of 48 shades:

Revolution X Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Forever Flawless Shadow Palette

Explore the mysteries of the Seven Kingdoms with the Game of Thrones x Revolution Westeros Map Shadow Palette.

This palette opens out like a map to reveal 48 gorgeous shades of neutrals with a few bright pops of colour, in matte and shimmer formulas.

The bright shades are named after iconic places in the Seven Kingdoms, including WINTERFELL, an electric matte blue, KING’S LANDING, a bright matte orange and DRAGONSTONE, a bright matte purple. Create a rebellious smoky eye look, or a full Halloween transformation, fit for a Dragon Queen!

Revolution X Game of Thrones Mother of Dragons Forever Flawless Shadow Palette


There are four matte lip bomb shades: ‘Arya Stark’ a muted pink, ‘Sansa Stark’ a burgundy plum, ‘Cersei Lannister’ a sultry red and ‘Daenerys Targaryen’ a high-pigmented black. These lipsticks are smudge-proof, perfect for long wear. We also have a set of shadow bombs. Liquid shadows that can be worn alone or with any of the powder shadows. The set features shades: Gold, silver, and black. To complete the makeup items of this collection we have a ‘Dragon lash’ mascara in black, the packaging featuring the scales of a dragon. A limited edition soap styler. And a ‘Renaissance flick’ black eyeliner – this is a limited edition of the popular Revolution eyeliner which is perfect for precise and quick application.

Revolution X Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Blender


No makeup collection would be complete without some beauty tools. The collection features a set of ‘3 Eyed Raven’ brushes, which are made up of 5 bushes perfect for creating a full makeup look. There is also a black velvet cosmetic bag. But the best-looking item of the collection is the ‘Dragon Egg’ beauty blender. The blender itself is an average blender in red, but it comes with a mini iron throne, which is adorable!

The whole collection is available now with prices ranging from £5 – £26. This is the perfect collection for Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon fans!! Explore the entire collection here.

Will you be adding any of these Thrones-inspired items to your boutique collection? Sound off below?


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