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Patty Jenkins’ upcoming Star Wars fighter pilot extravaganza ROGUE SQUADRON is removed from Lucasfilm’s official release slate

Sadly, despite getting clearance to taxi onto the runway, Patty Jenkins’ tentpole Star Wars extravaganza ROGUE SQUADRON has been grounded. Variety reports that the fighter pilot flick has been removed from the release slate entirely. Moreover, the flick will not enter production at any time in the foreseeable future. The movie was teased as a legitimate big-screen adaptation of the computer games of the same name. The film would follow Rogue Squadron as they embarked on a series of missions behind enemy lines. But sadly, it seems that fans will have to wait a little while longer before they can jump into the cockpit.

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With the big screen future of the galaxy far, far away now looking uncertain, the smart money is on Taika Waititi’s big-screen Star Wars adventure being the most likely to release next. However, following on from the success of Top Gun: Maverick at the worldwide box office, one can be forgiven for thinking this is a missed opportunity for Lucasfilm to cash in. But don’t take my word for it. Check out Variety’s report below.


Disney has removed “Rogue Squadron,” the new “Star Wars” film from director Patty Jenkins, from its release calendar. The move comes as little surprise since the tentpole, which was scheduled for Dec. 22, 2023, was taken off the studio’s production schedule in 2021.

The announcement is more-or-less pro forma, as the window for “Rogue Squadron” to start filming in time to complete the movie by next December has very nearly closed. The next big-screen story in the space opera saga had already been delayed in November 2021, reportedly due to scheduling conflicts with Jenkins.

“Rogue Squadron” was expected to be the first “Star Wars” movie to play in theaters since 2019’s “The Rise of Skywalker.” Disney and Lucasfilm is busy developing separate “Star Wars” features — one with Waititi, another with “The Last Jedi” filmmaker Rian Johnson and a third with Marvel chief Kevin Feige — but there’s been little-to-no information available about any of those endeavors, so it’s unclear which of those will be the first to hit theaters.

When Jenkins first announced the spinoff in 2020, she evoked the thrill of watching her late father, who served as a fighter pilot in the U.S. military, and referred to “Rogue Squadron as her desire to “one day making the greatest fighter pilot movie of all time.”

Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) in Lucasfilm’s ANDOR, exclusively on Disney+. ©2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.


Although this news is unfortunate, fans can sleep safe in their beds knowing that Star Wars: Andor will release next week. The landmark Disney plus series follows the early years of Rogue One’s Captain Cassian Andor. And the birth of the rebellion. Having seen the first four episodes, I can confirm that the series is dark, gritty, and intense. And fans are going to have tons to digest as the weeks unfold. Be sure to check back next week for my full review.

Until then, we can all ponder the loss of another tentpole Star Wars movie that we were all desperate to see. Whether or not Rogue Squadron will ever grace the silver screen remains to be seen. But at least the future of the galaxy far, far away is in safe hands on Disney Plus. Every cloud and all that jazz!

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