Lord Of The Rings The Rings Of Power 1x04 Review

“This is the best episode of The Rings of Power yet. This series continues to entertain its viewers with compelling characters and breathtaking visuals.”

Just three weeks in and we are already halfway through the first season of The Rings of Power. A lot has happened with only a few episodes and a lot has yet to happen. Thus, how is the series holding up so far?


This is the first time we have this civilization on screen. Thus, there is a lot to explore. Plus, this place is a visual wonder, who wouldn’t want to spend more time there? I am utterly in awe in front of this visual marvel. Moreover, like I said last week, I love how it takes inspiration from different ancient cultures from our world while also having patterns that will be later featured with the Gondor’s architecture.

Numenor features several storylines that are all interconnected at some level. We get to learn more about each character. Pharazôn is definitely not one to trust. He plays his role on the political spectrum. I think he is the type of character who will seize the right opportunity to gain more power. While Elendil is a character who wants to do what’s right. Each member of his family wants to prove their worth in their own way.

Finally, Queen Regent Míriel is as interesting as I thought she was going to be. She is someone who wants to do what is right for her people but she is also very conflicted about what to do. In fact, she shares many similarities with Galadriel in her struggle. It makes their dynamic riveting. It is one that evolves throughout the episode and will surely continue to evolve in the coming episodes. Furthermore, Míriel gives a powerful speech that reminds me of Aragorn’s speech in front of the Black Gate. Indeed, it convinces her people to follow her into the coming storm.

Speaking of Galadriel, she still has the most interesting storyline. I partly do say that because she is my favorite character. Morfydd Clark really owns the character. She has this presence on screen that draws attention. This is exactly what you need with this character.


Last week’s episode ended with Adar’s arrival. This week, we finally see his face and get to spend some time with him. He remains an enigmatic character. Indeed, we are left wondering who is he. Could he be Sauron? Honestly, I doubt it, it would be too obvious. One thing is certain, he is connected to him in one way or another. Nevertheless, it is quite exciting to see a ‘dark elf’ on screen. It is scary and yet intriguing. I think Joseph Mawle is a pretty good choice for this role.

After a week without seeing Bronwyn and her people, this episode features them again. I love how she positions herself as the leader of the group. She has this self-confidence that makes her a natural leader. Not to mention that beheading an Orc in the premiere episodes also helped. The men/orcs storyline is very exciting. Firstly, Bronwyn and Arondir are compelling characters. Secondly, everything is leading to this storyline. This is where the big action is going to take place.


On the dwarves side, a plot is set in motion with them and the elves. They work together and yet nobody trusts each other. Because they all have ulterior motives. Undoubtedly, this is not the recipe for a good alliance. But, this makes an engaging storyline. Threads are already teasing what to expect in the coming episodes.

Moreover, this episode introduces a classic element of Middle Earth. And I find it so exciting to have its discovery featured in the series. There is a lot to explore with this. On a side note, Peter Mullan as King Durin III just feels right. His rocky voice is perfect for a dwarf.

This episode has a great story flow with no boring moments. I hate to say it but it is because it did not feature the Harfoots storyline.


This is the best episode of The Rings of Power yet. This series continues to entertain its viewers with compelling characters and breathtaking visuals.

“The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power” is now streaming on Prime Video.


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