September 27, 2023

Moriarty The Patriot delivers two amazing OVAs that will undoubtedly please the fans. The first one is a thrilling investigation while the second is a funny side story.”

The first season of Moriarty The Patriot aired from October 2020 to June 2021. And this year on April 27, two OVA were released. These two additional episodes were exclusive to Japan. But, with the Crunchyroll release of the series on blu-ray, international fans can finally watch them! These two episodes can be found with the second part of the series. The wait has been long but I would say it was worth it. You cannot say no to more stories with Moriarty.


Even though, this OVA was released with the second part of the series, it does take place during the first part. The presence of the first opening and end credits indicate that. Moreover, one of Sherlock’s line helps us positioning this episode after the train storyline. So if you want to rewatch the series chronologically with the OVAs, this is where you would place it.

This episode sends the Moriarty family on a trip to Bath where they encounter Sherlock. It is an investigation story as they try to resolve the mystery of who ruined one of Cubitt’s painting. But, it would be too simple for Moriarty and Sherlock, if this case was just about that. Indeed, there is more to discover about Cubitt and his work. This is a thrilling adventure with an exciting resolution. The more we get contents with Moriarty and Sherlock, the better, especially when they work together. Furthermore, since the episode takes place in Bath, to the great joy of fans, the characters have a required hot bath scene, actually two.


The second OVA takes place during the second part of the series. However, there is no real indication that can help us where to place it chronologically. One thing is certain, the events of this episode happen before the finale. This time, we move away from the investigation work and join a tea party. Technically, it sounds relaxing. But, it isn’t for the Moriarty family. In fact, it is quite stressful for them. Albert is not fond of receiving that many guests in particular these ones. Indeed, they are thirsty women who want to seduce the attractive Moriarty men. And honestly, you can’t blame them.

So, this turns into a challenge for the family and their allies. Undoubtedly, this is a different type of mission than the ones they are used to do. And I use the word mission because the characters do take it as such. The absurd nature of their work gives the episode a lighter tone. They are criminals who fight the aristocracy to create a better world and they have to entertain these exact people at a tea party. Ridiculous situations come one after another for a good amount of laughs. While the first episode feels like a main story adventure, this one truly feels like a side story that you more often find in OVAs. So sit back and prepare to fall even more under the spell of the Moriarty family!


Moriarty The Patriot delivers two amazing OVAs that will undoubtedly please the fans. The first one is a thrilling investigation while the second is a funny side story.

Season 1 of Moriarty The Patriot is now streaming on Crunchyroll. Blu-rays of Part one and two are also available.

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