January 27, 2023

Jung_E Cr: NETFLIX © 2023

JUNG_E is a gripping thriller with intense action sequences. But, it’s also a surprisingly touching story with a great cast and impressive visuals.”

After Train to Busan and Peninsula, Sang-ho Yeon is back with a new film – JUNG_E. It arrives on Netflix, January 20. I had the opportunity to watch it earlier this week.


Jung_E Cr: NETFLIX © 2023

JUNG_E takes place after Earth has been devasted by climate change. Humans are moving to shelters in space but a civil war has been going on for decades. When you think about it, it is a scenario that could happen one day if we don’t do anything to protect the future of our planet. The film follows Yun Seo-hyun the head researcher of the JUNG_E project. She is supposed to create the ultimate combat warrior with the cloned brain of her mother, Captain Yun Jung-yi, a war hero.

It is a gripping thriller that has a lot of action. And the action sequences are intense. In fact, the way they are filmed really transports us into the scene. But, JUNG_E is also surprisingly touching. The film finds the right balance between everything. So despite, its 1h39min runtime, it does not feel too short. It actually has time for worldbuilding too. I think it’s a reminder that runtime doesn’t make everything.


Jung_E Cr: NETFLIX © 2023

Moreover, JUNG_E marks Kang Soo-yeon’s last performance who died last May. The film is actually dedicated to her. This is a beautiful swan song for this talented actress. Indeed, she delivers a powerful and heartfelt performance. She is the heart of this film.

What’s more, Kim Hyun-joo has a strong on-screen presence. She was definitely the right pick to play Jung_E/Captain Yun Jung-yi. And let’s not forget, Ryu Kyung-soo. He is a rising talent with a bright future.


Jung_E Cr: NETFLIX © 2023

Furthermore, this film has an impressive production design. The city has the perfect mix of post-apocalyptic and futuristic design. War has lasted for decades so that’s where the post-apocalyptic aspect comes in. But people still continue to live,  technology has evolved and that’s why we also have a futuristic design. Sang-ho Yeon had good influences. On top of that, the colorful skylines make it even more beautiful to watch.


Jung_E Cr: NETFLIX © 2023

Finally, the score is another highlight of this film. It feels like a score for a big blockbuster. Indeed, it goes big for the action scenes at times and knows when to be more emotional. There is also some awe-inspiring tracks for the wide shots and worldbuilding. Undoubtedly, it is a score that picked my attention.


JUNG_E is a gripping thriller with intense action sequences. But, it’s also a surprisingly touching story with a great cast and impressive visuals.

JUNG_E starts streaming on Netflix, January 20.


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