“This episode of Tsurune explores the bond between Kaito and Nanao in a meaningful and touching way.”

Last week’s episode of Tsurune showed troubles arising within our team at Kazemai. Even though, Minato realizes what went wrong for him, the two cousins Nanao and Kaito have some unfinished business to deal with. This is what today’s episode is about.


This episode is filled with flashbacks exploring the bond between Nanao and Kaito. This is actually the first time the series really gets to dive into these two characters. And this is incredibly compelling. They may be cousins but they share a bond that is more like brothers.

It is surprising to learn that Nanao was bullied. He always seemed like the super popular kid, at least with girls. While in fact, he is someone who has suffered. On top of that, there is definitely a queer aspect to his story. He is friend with girls but he is bullied by boys. His past is more touching than I expected. But he is not alone. Indeed, Kaito is always here to protect Nanao. And Nanao in his own way also protects Kaito. He soothes him.

They do complete each other like little and big brother. And the pinnacle of that brotherly bond is Nanao starting Kyudo because of his cousin.


Moreover, these flashbacks do help us understand how important their bond is and why their argument affects them so much in the present. This episode only deepens the gap between them. On one hand, Kaito is a tough guy so he has a hard time accepting Nanao’s criticism, especially since it comes from him. On the other hand, Nanao has had enough of how Kaito feels responsible and guilty when it is not always his fault. Obviously, this not only affects them but the whole team’s performance. And that’s problem. Even more so that it only gets worse.


This is when Seiya and Minato come in. After all, Seiya is the leader of the team and has become the most reasonable one. He really is the one who always wants to find a solution to their problems. This is one of the many reasons he is my favorite. Undoubtedly, I see a lot of myself in him. Minato and Seiya do find the right words to convince Nanao and Kaito to reconcile. And since, it is a sports anime, the reconciliation takes place at the dojo with their bows. It is a powerful sequence. At the end of the episode, the team can start the next part of their journey towards the Nationals.


This episode of Tsurune explores the bond between Kaito and Nanao in a meaningful and touching way.

Tsurune season 2 is now streaming on HIDIVE.


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