Comic Review | Star Wars: Hidden Empire #3

Max joins Qi’ra as she attempts to stop Darth Vader from unleashing the power of the Fermata Cage in Marvel’s Star Wars: Hidden Empire #3

Hidden Empire is at its 3rd issue and we still haven’t seen the new (or old) Sith Lord yet! Qi’ra from the Solo movie and leader of Crimson Dawn (in-universe), a criminal organization once run by the former Sith Lord Darth Maul. Under Maul’s tutelage, Qi’ra learned all about the Sith and how they rule the galaxy. She also learned that they needed to go to ensure the galaxy would be made a better place. Using her vast resources, Qi’Ra declared war on Darth Vader and the Emperor. This seems like a foolish suicidal move but Qi’Ra has an ace in the hole. She seeks the Fermata Caga, a techno-dark side device that holds an ancient Sith Lord in stasis. Qi’Ra plans on releasing him and then sic them on the current Sith, presumably hoping they annihilate each other.

Qi’Ra’s allies are trying to open the device but unfortunately, activating it sends out a ripple in the Force that might as well be a lighthouse for Vader and Palpatine. Palpatine sends Vader to kill Qi’Ra’s allies who are trying to secure the Cage.

Star Wars Hidden Empire #3 Cover


This issue focuses mostly on Vader fighting Chanath Cha, an expert bounty hunter who has a grudge against Vader and other allies, including the Archivist (who is recanting this tale to two mysterious hooded figures). Chanath has been seen in many other canon comics before and she has waited her whole adult life to kill Vader.

Darth Vader knows no fear, however, and employs his own form of Dun Moch to try and demoralize Chanath. Chanath has some cool weapons, but Vader is a Force volcano so I was expecting her to do any substantial damage. However, I love her bravery and resolution that if she has to die: she dies. I was DYING to see the unknown Sith be released above all, but sadly that did not happen in this issue. And I feel more suspense built up than in even The Rise of Skywalker and a mere second to The Force Awakens.

Star Wars Hidden Empire #3 Cover


I have several speculations on which Sith may be in the Fermata Cage, but I won’t share my speculations….yet. All I know is that this was a page-turner in the fact that I can’t wait to see the result. How will Vader and Palpatine deal with this new threat? Will he even pose a threat? And what about Ajax Sigma (rogue A.I. who tried to rebel against organics)? What are his plans? I feel we are in for a big showdown that will shake up our perceptions of the Original Trilogy forever and deliver a realization we fans never thought was possible. Excellent comic. B+

Star Wars: Hidden Empire #3 is published by Marvel Comics and is available to buy now.


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