The Batboat and Wayne Manor Library Join McFarlane's Batman 66 Retro Collection

Look out Batman 66 fans because McFarlane’s DC Multiverse line is taking to Wayne Manor for a spin in the Batboat 

Holy playset, Batman. Just hours after announcing the addition of King Tut, Radioactive Batman, and Two-Face to the Batman 66 DC Multiverse Retro collection, McFarlane Toys is taking us back to Wayne Manor.  The toy giant has shared our first look at the Wayne manor Library playset. The awesome diorama is the playset we’ve all been waiting for with a sliding bookcase, bat poles, and the iconic Shakespeare bust.

But if you thought that was enough to have you reaching for the Shark repellent Bat-spray, think again. Because the line will also find itself treated to the debut of the Batboat. Batman’s iconic speed boat made its debut in the classic Batman 1966 movie and was more than a match for The Penguin’s repurposed nuclear submarine. And now, the vehicle is coming to a collection shelf near you. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Slide down the bat poles and explore these sensational playsets.

Batman 66


McFarlane Toys DC Retro Batman 66 – Wayne Manor Library (Target Exclusive)

Stately WAYNE MANOR™ is the luxurious home of millionaire playboy BRUCE WAYNE™ and his faithful ward DICK GRAYSON™. When trouble strikes, BRUCE and DICK become the heroic BATMAN™ and ROBIN™, a secret known only to their dutiful butler, ALFRED PENNYWORTH™. GOTHAM CITY™ police commissioner JIM GORDON™ contacts BATMAN directly using the red “BAT-PHONE,” hidden in BRUCE’S private library. When the “BAT-PHONE” flashes and beeps, ALFRED answers COMMISSIONER GORDON’S call for assistance and alerts BRUCE and DICK. Activating a button hidden in the bust of William Shakespeare, BRUCE reveals the secret entrance to the BATCAVE™, concealed behind the bookcase. The DYNAMIC DUO™ slide down the ”Bat-poles” to the BATCAVE, ready to bring justice to GOTHAM CITY! Pre-order here.

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McFarlane Toys DC Retro Batman 66 – Batboat (Target Exclusive)

BATMAN™ and ROBIN™ operate from the large caverns below stately WAYNE MANOR™. They are constantly developing new technologies, vehicles and weapons to aid in their never-ending crusade against crime in GOTHAM CITY™. Whether by land, air or sea the CAPED CRUSADERS are always prepared to deliver justice. After pulling off a $10 million counterfeit heist, THE ARCHER™ and his gang of “merry malefactors” head for their getaway boat, planning to take their loot safely to Switzerland. The DYNAMIC DUO™ set off in the BATBOAT™ to prevent the villains’ escape. Pre-order here.

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As mentioned above, these amazing new playsets are available to pre-order at Target in the United States now. International markets should check their regular vendors for pre-orders in the coming days. As always, we’ll update the site as soon as we hear more about these releases. But in the meantime, get ready to welcome another awesome collection of playsets into your Batcave! Both the Batboat and Wayne Manor sets will hit toy shelves on April 16th.

Be ready. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

Will you be adding these sensational new sets to your collection? Leave us a comment below.

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