Hot Toys Black Widow Snow Suit Review

“This new Hot Toys Black Widow figure will be a great addition to your collection! It’s a nice change from her usual black suits, plus she has an amazing headsculpt.”

Black Widow has different outfits in her own film and Hot Toys can’t resist making different versions of our favorite characters. The deadly assassin turned Avenger is now available in her snowsuit.


Hot Toys Black Widow

This is the same box design as the other figures from the Black Widow film. I do love the Black Widow symbol window box. It stands out among the other boxes. Since this is the snowsuit, the box is white and you have a promotional drawing of the character. When you remove the first part of the box, you also have a promotional picture of the figure at the back.

Moreover, she comes with pretty much the same accessories as the other Black Widow figure from this film. The colors of the hands is obviously different and the display base is as well but the weapons are exactly the same. Because it’s the snow suit, the display base is white and you have a red Black Widow symbol with the title of the film. It is a simple base, nothing too fancy. Then, you get ten hands – two fist hands, two hands to hold the batons, two hands to hold the guns, two semi-open hands, and two different open hands. 

There are two different types of batons – the normal ones and the articulated ones. And for each, you have three different types of tips – normal, stun batons, and ice picks. You also have two baton handles to attach to her back. Finally, you have the same usual pistols, plus a third one with additional accessories on it.


Hot Toys Black Widow

I really dig the white suit, it’s a nice callback to one of the comic suits. On top of that, it’s a change from the usual black suits. Design-wise, it has some similarities with her main suit from the film but it is also different enough to be its own suit and not just a white repaint. 

Furthermore, the boots are two separate pieces which allow feet articulation. This is always good for poses. Overall, the figure has over 30 points of articulation. However, the whole suit uses this special type of fabric. I will say the same thing I always say for this type of figure, don’t leave them in the same action pose for a long period of time, otherwise, they will get damaged.


Hot Toys Black Widow

The headsculpt was made by Yulli Choi and painted by JC Hong. And I think that as usual with Choi, this is another amazing headsculpt. This looks like Scarlett Johansson. Plus, sculpted hair is the way to go. It is beautifully sculpted and it is so much better than rooted hair. As usual with Hot Toys it is all about the details, you have all the little earrings sculpted on her ear. I only have praise. The head and the neck are separate pieces which means you have a better articulation range. However, due to the hair sculpture, it is limited. She can slightly move on each side.

When you look at the headsculpt, it feels extremely similar to her two previous sculptures that were also made by Yulli Choi. But if I had to pick a favorite it would be the main Black Widow suit from the Black Widow film. Maybe it is the haircut that makes the difference but for me, that’s the one.


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This new Black Widow figure will be a great addition to your collection! It’s a nice change from her usual black suit, plus she has an amazing headsculpt.

The Hot Toys Black Widow (Snow Suit) is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in Europe and the United States! 





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