September 26, 2023
Mando Rewind | Explore The Concept Art From The Mandalorian Chapter 17 'The Apostate'

Explore a cargo-hold of gorgeous concept art from The Mandalorian Chapter 17 – The Apostate

Although the twin suns of Tatooine have set on The Mandalorian Chapter 17, the camtono is far from empty. For the past few weeks, Lucasfilm has shared a new poster for the character of the week. And they have been exceptional. Every character from Din Djarin to Bo-Katan Kryze has been rewarded with a glossy one-sheet. But the weekly poster drop is only the tip of the iceberg because the true highlight of the week is the concept art from the closing credits. And Mando has some of the best in the business!

Mando Rewind | Explore The Concept Art From The Mandalorian Chapter 17 'The Apostate'
The Mandalorian Chapter 17 concept art by Christian Alzmann

Created by Seth Engstrom, Christian Alzmann, Brett Northcutt, Ryan Church, and Andrée Wallin, the artwork is breathtaking. And when accompanied by Joseph Shirley’s pulse-pounding score, the credits are one of the many highlights of the show. From the streets of Nevarro to Gorian Shard’s Pirate vessel, the episode was packed to the brim with gorgeous landscapes, breathtaking cinematography, and impressive visual effects. And now, Lucasfilm has released the artwork for all to see. So strap yourself in, jump to lightspeed, and enjoy the slide show below.

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The weekly download of concept art has been spectacular so far. And the new season is only just getting started. There is a ton of eye-popping images headed our way in the coming weeks. And we will be right here to showcase it. So be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and never miss a story from Future of the Force. Trust us, we’re faster than the N1 Starfighter can jump to lightspeed.

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