January 27, 2023
Hot Toys Review Bo-Katan Kryze (Star Wars: The Mandalorian)

“The Hot Toys Bo-Katan Kryze is my favorite Star Wars figure this year with Boba and his throne. A highly detailed figure with an amazing headsculpt!”

The latest figure from The Mandalorian has been released! The Hot Toys Bo-Katan has landed on the Asian market. She was one of my most anticipated figures of the year and she is finally here. But does it do Katee Sackhoff justice and deliver the leader of the Night Owls in style? Let’s find out. 

Hot Toys Bo-Katan Kryze


As usual for the box, it is your usual Star Wars collectibles box. This means it is a black box with a picture of the figure and the Star Wars logo. Since it is a figure from The Mandalorian, there is an orange-brown-ish colored strip.

This figure comes with exactly what’s needed. Plus there is a nice background. It’s always appreciated when they provide more than just the basic display base.  Speaking of the display base, it’s a grid base like the one that came with The Armorer, except this one is painted in grey. It’s a good one. On top of that, there is something that makes it even better. It’s this guardrail. You can either place it at the back or the front. If you place it at the front, you can put the nameplate on it. Note that, it can stand on its own there. But, if you put the nameplate in its usual place, you have to peel off the white paper at the back and glue it there. So, it will be more difficult to change it afterward. As for the stand, it is a dynamic one so be careful with that.

Hot Toys Bo-Katan Kryze


This background is a thick piece of cardboard similar to what we got with The Armorer. It represents a part of the Imperial Gozanti cruiser that she boards in season two. If you also get Koska Reeves and Axe Woves, you will get two other backgrounds of the cruiser. Once completed, that will be a great display.

Then she has seven hands. Two fist hands, two open hands, two hands to hold the blasters, and one hand to hold the comlink. In terms of weapons, she has her two WESTAR-35 blaster pistols. They’re beautifully painted with different shades of grey and a little bit of brown on the handle. You can attach her gauntlets, a vibro blade, and a wired grappling hook. The hook is an accessory that often comes with Mandalorians. She also has an Imperial comlink, it’s an accessory we have already seen before with other figures. And finally, she has thrusters effects for her jetpack. This jetpack doesn’t work with a magnet. In fact, it is not detachable.

Hot Toys Bo-Katan Kryze


This is a glorious figure. Hot Toys has done a fantastic job at recreating her outfit in figure format. All over her armor, there are some battle scratches and weathering which gives her a veteran look. The attention to detail always amazes me. What you get is exactly how Bo-Katan looks in the series. But here it is an action figure.

The boots are two separate pieces which mean you have feet articulation. However, the upper part of the boots is made of pleather. That’s problematic. You need to be careful about this part. Try to leave the feet in a position that is as neutral as possible. You also have a bit of pleather on the legs and obviously on the belt. But where it is, it’s not a problem for poses. You can easily put the blasters in the holsters.

Despite the pleather on the boots, you can still get great action poses without damaging your figure over time. Most of the costume is made of fabric so that is all fine. The figure has over 30 points of articulation. Though, the shoulder pads do limit the articulation of the shoulder a little bit. Moreover, this is the first time we get a Night Owl helmet from Hot Toys. And as expected they nailed it. As usual with helmets, the antenna can move. However, I am disappointed about one thing. After getting Boba Fett and his fully sculpted helmet on the inside, I expected the same for other figures moving forward. But, it is not happening, maybe, next time?


Hot Toys Bo-Katan Kryze

The headsculpt was made by Ji Ho Lee and painted by JC Hong. It looks amazing. They got all the detail right with the scar on the forehead. This is Katee Sackhoff as Bo-Katan right there. I love that they have given her a serious expression. That fits the character. As the neck and the head are two separate pieces, there is a better articulation range. Indeed, she can look up, look down and look on each side.


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Bo-Katan is my favorite Star Wars figure this year with Boba and his throne. If you are a fan of The Mandalorian or The Clone Wars, it’s a must-have! A highly detailed figure with an amazing headsculpt!

The Hot Toys Bo-Katan is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in Europe and the United States and is available to PRE-ORDER NOW! 


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