“The penultimate episode of Trigun Stampede is the darkest one yet. It is a poignant trip down Vash’s mind, as Knives tries to fulfill his masterplan.”

After 10 weeks, we are now almost at the end of the journey. Today is the penultimate episode of Trigun Stampede. This one picks up where we left off last week after Vash arrives to confront his brother.


This is a different type of episode as it is a trip down Vash’s mind. Million Knives tries to modify his brother’s memory to access the door to the higher dimension. Thus, we see different places and characters from the previous episodes as they disappear from his memory. This is quite heartbreaking to see it unfold, especially since Vash basically can’t stop it.

Manipulating Vash’s memories is the final step to fulfill Knives’ plan. He wants to access the high dimension so he can give all the plants a soul and in doing so, the plants can become independents like them. This means condemning humanity. However, one thing just stands against Knives and the fullfillment of his desires – Rem, the woman who took care of them. As Vash hangs to his memory of her, we finally see the full story of what really happened. And it gets even darker from there.

Indeed, we see the two young brothers discovering a dismembered independent. This is what sets Million Knives on his path against humanity. Although, he is wrong to want the destruction of an entire species because of some bad apples, you understand where he is coming from. Besides, nothing proves him wrong. Like I have said before, Million Knives is the type of memorable villain because he has valid reasons and because of the way he is portrayed. When you think about it, is it really wrong to give the plants a soul? On that part, it is hard to deny it. Obviously, the problem lies in finding the balance of having both humans and plants to coexist. But, Knives doesn’t care about that.

These last flashbacks also show that Knives started it all for Vash which justifies his guilt for the crash of the ships even more. Unfortunately, this is the last straw of Vash’s resistance to Knives. It is hard to say that this episode is hopeful. When there is hope, it is quickly crushed by the overwhelming presence of Knives.


The bad guy wins. This is basically what this episode is. In fact, the end of the episode has Knives opening the door to the high dimension after taking control of Vash. A new world is born. You see this gigantic plant with a humanoid form over the third city of July. Visually, it is absolutely stunning. Watch this episode on the biggest screen possible, it will take your breath away.

However, it is difficult to see how this can have a happy ending. Undoubtedly, this is going to be a painful finale. Whatever happens, we won’t be ready for what is coming.


The penultimate episode of Trigun Stampede is the darkest one yet. It is a poignant trip down Vash’s mind, as Knives tries to fulfill his masterplan.

Trigun Stampede is now streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.


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