Comic Review | Star Wars: Hidden Empire #5

Max takes a space detour to review Star Wars: Hidden Empire #5. But can Qi’ra overcome Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader? 

The finale for the Star Wars: Hidden Empire mini-series has arrived, and while some may feel it was anti-climactic, I very much enjoyed the trap Qi’ra laid for the Sith. And how everything needed to go just right (akin to Luke making that final torpedo shot into the thermal exhaust port of the Death Star)


Qi’ra has been playing a game of cat and mouse with Vader and his evil master, Emperor of the Galaxy Lord Sidious. She has this ancient device called the Fermata Cage and has informed her enemies that inside (suspended in time) is an ancient Sith Lord and she plans to release him to sic him on the current modern-day Sith Lords. Palpatine always tries to appear omnipotent and in control. But he is secretly frightened as he takes matters into his own hands alongside Vader. We are right around the corner from Return of the Jedi and this series highlights one glaring truth.

Palpatine is getting old. He is not infallible (like he claims to be), and Qi’ra shows that she has the upper hand over him (and she’s not even Force-sensitive). Qi’ra has her ally the archivist take the Fermata Cage to the Amaxine station to open. Fans of The High Republic will instantly remember this station as it is a very powerful nexus of the Dark Side.

Star Wars Hidden Empire #5


It was fun to see Palpatine use his lightsaber offensively, as he even remarks that it isn’t often he does that anymore. He continuously pays Vader compliments and boosts his ego throughout the sequence. And I can’t help but marvel at how much of a two-faced psychopath this man is. Not too long ago he was mocking Vader and humiliating him to pay for his failures and plans to convert Luke and use him against him. Palpatine always plays the long game and buttering up Vader is a very good tactic. Especially as we know his final plan is to ultimately betray him and cast him aside as he did with Maul and Dooku.

Star Wars Hidden Empire #5


There was an unexpected guest at Armaxine station and that will be the only thing I do not spoil in this review. However, I need to speak about Qi’ra’s brilliant plan. And even though I had a hunch of what it was, I still have to comment on how impressed I am with this woman. There was NO Sith in the Fermata Cage. It was empty and meant to be the prison of the two current rulers of the galaxy. Qi’ra outsmarted Palpatine and would have freed the galaxy!

However, one split-second decision by a group of cowards who wanted to curry favor with Palpatine ruined EVERYTHING that Qi’ra worked so hard to accomplish. Her plan foiled and her fleet obliterated, she had no choice but to flee in failure. Thankfully though, those who wanted a reward got nothing they wanted. Palpatine is a snake and once a snake, always a snake.

Star Wars Hidden Empire #5


Anyway, I’m impressed with how Qi’ra maneuvered the galaxy’s most powerful beings into a trap. One that would have changed the galaxy forever. And I agree that in the end, her mission was not totally in vain as the “distraction” Qi’ra’s Crimson Dawn gave to the Empire was very beneficial in allowing the Rebellion to regroup after their disastrous loss at Hoth. Sometimes everything happens for a reason. And it was the will of the Force that Palpatine would not triumph. There is also now room for Qi’ra to appear in the New Republic era. And I very much hope Disney utilizes her to her full potential.

I saw on Reddit that some fans didn’t like this comic. But I felt it was very realistic. History is often determined by actions that happen in seconds. And failure is always a sobering truth that all beings face in their struggles.

Not bad Charles Soule. Solid B

Star Wars: Hidden Empire #5 is published by Marvel Comics and is available to buy now.

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