The Flash Character Posters Emerge From The Speed Force!

The International trailer for The Flash contains footage not seen outside of Japan.

After yesterday’s reveal of the new trailer for the Warner Bros movie The Flash, fans went nuts. It was a trailer that excited almost everyone. But what we didn’t get to see was the Japanese trailer for the movie. Although shorter than the one we were given, it does feature footage that wasn’t in the version we saw. Thankfully, we can rectify that right here, right now! Check out the Japanese version of the new trailer below.


Barry Allen / The Flash travels back in time to prevent his mother’s murder, which traps him in an alternate reality without metahumans. He enlists the help of his younger self, an older Batman, and the Kryptonian castaway Supergirl in order to save this world from the restored General Zod and return to his universe.

The world will be able to catch up with The Flash when it opens in selected markets on June 15th, and the USA on June 16th, courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Films.

What do you make of the Japanese trailer? Does it make you more excited about the film? Are you going to the movies to see the film? Run down to the comments section below to let us know!

Source: Warner Bros. JPN



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