May the 4th: Starbucks Unleashes the Been There Collection at Shop Disney

Starbucks is unleashing the Force for May the 4th by expanding its range of “Been There” Star Wars destination coffee mugs

May the 4th is already off to a flying start! Not only has Star Wars Visions: Vol.2 and Young Jedi Adventures premiered on Disney Plus, but Hot Toys has also revealed some incredible new figures from The Clone Wars. But of course, it wouldn’t be Star Wars Day without some juicy merchandise reveals. And Shop Disney is upping the ante by expanding its range of themed mugs from Starbucks. Aptly named the ‘Been There’ collection, the range boasts three new gorgeous-looking mugs featuring three of the franchise’s most magnific destinations.

In previous years, Hoth, Dagobah, Bespin, Endor, Tatooine, Batuu, Naboo, Nevarro, and Ahch-To have all joined the range. But for 2023, the collection has added Coruscant, Jakku, and Mustafar. Each mug is decorated with illustrations of characters and scenes from each location and boasts a three-tone color scheme.


May the 4th - Starbucks Been There Star Wars Collection


The Coruscant mug boasts a lavish purple color scheme and tantalizes with some glorious images from the Prequels. Anakin Skywalker stands before the Jedi Council, Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine addresses the Senate, and Mace Windu wields his purple lightsaber along the surface. And rounding out the finish are Anakin and Padme, the Episode II speeder chase, and Jango’s poisonous kouhuns.

May the 4th - Starbucks Been There Star Wars Collection - Coruscant


Much like the surface of the barren planet, the Jakku mug boasts a sand color scheme and comes packed with glorious imagery. Rey’s iconic pose with her staff greets us near the handle before BB-8 and Finn, and the Millennium Falcon greet us on the rear of the mug. And rounding out the finish is Rey’s speeder zipping across the sand dunes! And with Rey returning to the galaxy far, far away in the near future, this mug is the perfect way to welcome her home.

May the 4th - Starbucks Been There Star Wars Collection - Jakku


And finally, we return to Mustafar – the volcanic planet where Anakin Skywalker fell and Darth Vader rose from the ashes. The mug boasts an orange color scheme to match the hot magma of the planet’s surface and boasts even more vivid images.  The epic duel between Obi-Wan and Anakin greets us at the handle with Vader’s Castle looming large in the background, And of course, the Dark Lord of the Sith himself is standing large and in charge at the forefront. And rounding out the finish is Palpatine’s shuttle arriving at the landing platform and Anakin’s ominous Sith transformation.

May the 4th - Starbucks Been There Star Wars Collection - Mustafar


So…when can you order these gorgeous new additions to your kitchen collection, I hear you ask? The new line of Star Wars Starbucks mugs will release on shopDisney on May 4 at 8 am PT. So be ready to make the Kessel Run and secure yours fast!

Will you be adding these mugs to your collection? Sound off below.

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