Hot Toys Review | Wonder Woman (WW 1984 Special Edition)

According to Thomas Storai’s review, the most recent Hot Toys Wonder Woman figure is a significant improvement compared to the previous versions of the armor.

More than two years after its announcement, the Hot Toys Wonder Woman figure from Wonder Woman 1984 has finally been released! It surely took a long time for it to arrive but it was worth the wait. Grab your Lasso of Truth and let’s find out.

Hot Toys Wonder Woman


The box has a beautiful design. It uses the three colors of Wonder Woman’s outfit – gold, blue and red. There is a promotional picture of the character at the center in red, the bottom and the top of the box are blue. And there is a golden Wonder Woman symbol in the middle of the box. This one can be removed. There is a retro feel to the box which is perfect since the film takes place in 1984. Since it is a special edition, you have a sticker. The Hot Toys Special Edition is for the Asian markets and the Sideshow Exclusive sticker is for the international markets.

This one doesn’t have a lot of accessories but she does come with what you see her use in the film. The display base is a beautiful one. I love this promotional picture of Wonder Woman and the added symbols on it give great results. The nameplate uses the three colors from her armor – red, gold, and blue with the symbol in the middle. It’s a stylish base.

Then, there are eight hands. Two fist hands, two open hands, two hands to hold the Lasso of Truth, and two gesture hands. There are also three sparkling effects that you can attach to the Bracelets of Submission. It works with magnets. Finally, you get the Lasso of Truth. And if you bought the special edition, there is a second Lasso of Truth. This one has a motion effect which is better for action poses.

Hot Toys Wonder Woman


The armor itself is the same one as the Batman v Superman and Justice League figures, except here she doesn’t have the pleather strap for the sword. Though, the colors are quite different. For the Batman v Superman figure, they went with a drab tone which was accurate. But in Wonder Woman 1984, her armor has bright colors which I prefer. It is shiny and it gives her a more Goddess-like look. If you put this one side by side with a previous version of this armor, it is like night and day. This new one is superior in every way. 

Hot Toys has done a wonderful job on the bust armor and the leg armor. Indeed, there are subtle shades of gold and there are several battle scratches. It really gives the impression that Diana had that armor for quite a long time. Moreover, the Bracelets of Submission have a nice silver paint. However, unlike the rest of the armor, you can tell the bracelets are made of plastic. They should have probably used chrome-plated bracelets like for The Mandalorian figure from season 2. It would have been perfect.

Once again, this is a seamless figure so when it comes to posing be careful. Honestly, if you don’t want your figure to get damaged, leave her in a neutral pose on your display. Nevertheless, the seamless material they used this time is a much better one. It is actually silicone so it is supposed to hold better. You can tell Hot Toys upped their game there. The skin texture also feels more realistic. It is a major improvement.


Hot Toys Wonder Woman

The headsculpt was made by Jang So Young and Tae Ho Kang. It was painted by JC Hong. It is different from the Golden Armor, but I think it looks like Gal Gadot. The likeness is there. These Wonder Woman 1984 head sculpts are the best Gal Gadot sculpts we got. Plus, this one has sculpted hair so it obviously gets my vote. Yes, it means a more limited articulation range but it looks better. The tiara is also removable but I’m not going to risk damaging the headsculpt, so I don’t have pictures of the figure without the tiara.



This new Wonder Woman figure is a huge improvement compared to the previous versions of this armor. It has a better skin texture and an amazing headsculpt. If you want one Wonder Woman figure in her classic armor, this is the one.

The Hot Toys Wonder Woman is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in Europe and the United States!






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