Batman Returns...Again! Explore Michael Keaton's Return in The Flash

Batman Returns! Discover the exciting comeback of Batman as Michael Keaton returns in a captivating behind-the-scenes featurette from The Flash.

It has been over three decades in the making but Michael Keaton is slipping back into the batsuit for the first time since Batman Returns. Keaton’s comeback in DC’s The Flash has certainly upped the ante for this summer’s biggest blockbuster, and DC fans are ready to welcome him back with open arms. But what was it like for the crew to have a DC legend on set?

Yesterday for a new Flashback Friday segment, Warner Bros dropped an all-new behind-the-scenes look exploring Keaton’s involvement in the project. And as expected, it is crammed-packed full of nostalgia. Not just for us, the viewers, but for the cast, crew, and even director Andy Muschietti himself. So, dust off the Batmobile, slide down the Batpoles and check it out below.


It is incredible to see Michael Keaton back in the Batcave once again. Like the cast and the crew, I am ecstatic that my first cinematic Batman is coming back for another ride in the Batmobile. Just seeing him swinging into action has triggered my nostalgia and has reverted me to my youth dodging into seeing Tim Burton’s blockbuster on the big screen in 1989. It was monumental then, and it feels monumental now. And I cannot wait to take my seat and enjoy the ride again.

Thankfully, Keaton’s comeback also heralds the return of the classic Batcave, Batmobile, and Batwing. But if you were worried that Danny Elfman’s iconic theme wouldn’t be featured in Ben Wallfisch’s soundtrack, think again! The composer has dropped a few juicy videos on his socials, and they reveal the Batman theme in all its glory. Get your first listen here.

Michael Keaton returns as Batman in The Flash


It should be abundantly clear now that The Flash looks incredible. And although I am hesitant to make any predictions, Andy Muschietti’s DC Bonanza could easily become the best movie of the summer. Even outshining Harison Ford’s swansong as Indiana Jones. But can The Flash help turn around DC’s fortunes after the lukewarm fan reactions to Shazam: Fury of the Gods? That remains to be seen. But Batman fans are eating well just now. And I am 100% here for it!

Mark the date in your calendar because The Flash speeds into U.K. cinemas on June 15th.







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