Hot Toys Review | Shang-Chi (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings)

“The Hot Toys Shang-Chi is an amazing figure. It comes with a lot of accessories giving you many possibilities for display and the headsculpt is spot on!”

Hot Toys has finally released their Shang-Chi figure from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. But is the figure worth the asking price? Have Hot Toys done it again and delivered another incredible figure? Let’s find out.


Hot Toys Shang-Chi Review

The box has a nice design. It features a promotional picture of Shang-Chi, the same image from the teaser poster. There’s his logo at the back. The main color of the box is red because of his outfit.

Shang-Chi comes with a lot of accessories giving you so many possibilities for display! The display base is a simple one. It features the same pattern that Shang-Chi has on his chest. You also have the name of the movie and the name of the character. The stand is a dynamic oneThen, he has ten hands – two fist hands, two hands to hold the staff or the rings, two open hands, and two different pairs of gesture hands. He also has an additional pair of arms with the rings on them.

In terms of weapons, he comes with a staff, one with a wood grain pattern, and one with effect ends for action poses. Then, there are three different types of effects for the rings – one to recreate the fight against Wenwu, you have the other part of that effect with Wenwu, one pair of launching rings effect, and one pair of effects you attach on the wrists, forearms or shoes. The rings on these are detachable. Finally, he also has his necklace, the green paint is nice on this one. It has a vibrant effect as if it was made of a precious stone.


Hot Toys Shang-Chi Review

Shang-Chi and his father Wenwu were my most anticipated figures this year. And looking at it, I can say I’m not disappointed. It is a great-looking figure. Hot Toys has beautifully recreated Shang-Chi’s outfit. The pants are your usual type of fabric so you can go all in with the poses. However, the shirt is using a special type of fabric so I would probably be careful with that when it comes to posing. It feels like the type of fabric that could get damaged if you are not careful. Nevertheless, the details on that shirt are amazing. They used a grain texture for the dragon scales and added black patterns on top of it. 

My problem with the figure is the arms. It is really difficult to change them. I honestly thought it was going to break. I thought it was my figure that had a problem but I have seen that other people have that problem too. It’s a shame because that discourages me to change the arms too often for poses.


Hot Toys Shang-Chi Review

The headsculpt was made by Yeon Sun Jeon and painted by JC Hong. I think it is spot on. This looks precisely like Simu Liu. It is so life-like. They went with a serious expression which works well for action poses. The only thing missing there would be the separate rolling eyeballs.



I love the Hot Toys Shang-Chi figure. It’s truly remarkable! The figure comes with a wide range of accessories, which offers many possibilities for display. Additionally, the headsculpt is spot on and adds to the overall appeal of the figure.

Shang-Chi figures from Hot Toys are available in Europe and the United States through Sideshow Collectibles. Will you be adding this figure to your collection? Sound off below.






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