September 25, 2023

Hot Toys reveals new figures at Sideshow Con!

Sideshow Con started today and Hot Toys has revealed several new figures from Star Wars and Marvel! Keep in mind as usual that during cons and events, Hot Toys often reveals a lot of figures but not all of them get released.

On the Star Wars side, the booth has on display a new Anakin Skywalker figure from Revenge of the Sith. This time, he has rooted hair and the display base is the same one used on the recently announced Darth Sidious and C-3PO. Furthermore, The Armorer has a chrome plated update along with a new R5-D4, this time with a mouse droid instead of a pit droid and a BD droid. On top of that, two Covert Mandalorians are also on display – one male and one female. Hot Toys is diving once again into A New Hope. Indeed, a sandtrooper with a dewback and a Death Star Trooper with a detention block console are on display too!

Moreover, a new life-size Grogu that was teased a while ago is presented at the Sideshow Con and he has his pram. Plus, there is also a life-size Anzellian Droidsmith!

As for Marvel, we now have a better look at Mantis and Drax from the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, they are the only two figures that were teased for the film that haven’t been announced yet. There is also a new Loki, this time with his throne and a new Iron Man from the comics. Finally, the MODOK figure that was teased when Kang was announced is on display as well.

SOURCE: Sideshow Collectibles and ComicBook

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